Bergoglio began his reign with intentional fraud

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If there is one thing that is delightful about the allies of Bergoglio, is that when they actually do attempt to prove his claim to the papacy is legitimate, then they succeed only in discovering more proofs that it is not! They do the work for us! We must praise and thank God for them, really!

Such a gift-wrapped Advent present was mailed out about an hour ago by Don Tullio Rotondo, a Catholic priest from Gallo Matese, Italy, who on Twitter and Youtube is invoved in a skirmishing war with Andrea Cionci, over every aspect of Bergoglio’s claim.

This new present is what Andrea would call an “autogol”, the word Italians shout at a soccer match, when a team puts the ball in their own goal! It is considered the most embarassing thing that any Italian can do.

And it is.

Since, Don Tullio Rotondo has gone to the lengths of finding the Declartio of Pope Benedict XVI in its official Latin version in the Acta Apostolicae Sedeis at the Vatican Website, to prove that the Holy Father is no longer the pope.

And what did he find?

(Click on the image above to read Don Tullio’s discovery
and get the link to the PDF from the Vatican Website. I will embed that same PDF below for historical record.)

He found an entry dated March 1, 2013 with the act bearing this title in Latin:

De muneris Episcopi Romae, Successoris Sancti Petri abdicatione.

If you know a little Latin you can understand what is up, but I will translate for all my readers who do not:

On the abdication of the munus of the Bishop of Rome, Successor of St. Peter.

The autogol here, is, this: that it is the very definition of counterfeit product, that a piece of merchandise bears a label which does not correspond to the contents of the product. And here we have a glaring example of that, since the Declaratio of Pope Benedict, which then follows — which appears to be the authentic text — does to contain the verb, “to abdicate”, nor any object of a verb for renounce which is “munus”.

So, what is going on?

Surely an official legal journal would put a proper title on the document? Yes.

But surely a proper title would list the act as a juridical act, which is binding? Yes.

But to do that, the title has to name a juridical act in the Code of Canon Law of 1983.

The only title one could put would be, “De muneris … renuntiatio”. Since that is mentioned in Canon 332 §2.

But there are no such words in the Act.

Thus, if there was good will, the title would simple reflect that. But then, there would be no reason to put it in the AAS, which is not for announcements .. those go through the Vatican Press Office.

So, to perpetrate a fraud, the AAS which is published 3 months after events, was falsified some time in April of 2013 with the insertion of this Declaratio under a bogus rubric or title.

And to do this, a claim had to be made about the document which the text of the document could not sustain.

So the words, De muneris …. abdicationis, were chosen.

But the fool who wrote this, did not know his Canon Law, because there is no such act of abdication in the code. The verb is renunciation. He also erred in that he said this abdication regarded the Bishopric of Rome. But that is not the correct legal appellation, which is the Apostolic See.

That’s two errors to make one lie.

But no one would make such mistakes UNLESS they knew beforehand that the Declaratio SHOULD contain the words, “me muneri … renuntiare”.

So, in making two errors and one lie, they also revealed malice of aforethought and confessed they knew the act was invalid!

And the man in power at the Vatican when this falsification was published, was none other that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Cardinal of Buenas Aires. So the crime is directly imputable to him.

But the publication of this falsification, which received NO contradiction in public from ANYONE in the Roman Curia, means that they were all IN ON THE CONSPIRACY against Pope Benedict XVI: they have always known and understood that he remained the pope and that Bergoglio was a usurper.

This is why they are totally silent, have been, and intend to be such, as long as they can keep this fraud going.

Thus, it is incumbent on all of us, to shout it from the roof tops!

Saving this PDF for the future trial of these rebels against the Roman Church.

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8 thoughts on “Bergoglio began his reign with intentional fraud”

  1. I just emailed this to our SSPX priest. This is all unbelievable. The mortal sins involved here by Bergoglio and the Roman Curia cry to Heaven for vengeance! The sheer malice and forethought is truly breathtaking. May they all repent of their sins, and, go to Confession before their last breath. May God protect His Holiness Pope Benedict!

  2. Wow. Just wow. Okay, so, now i guess Patrick Coffin has to be made aware of this so that he can make this known more widely. It’s unfortunate that Coffin is the only one of us with a significant reach, at least in the Anglo world, and whom therefore can sometimes elicit a reaction and “response” (a.k.a. attempted misdirection) by the establishment “trads” and “conservatives”.

    I’ve individually contact pretty much the entire Anglo “Cathsphere” one by one over the last year or so, pleading with them to at least look at your stuff and that of Cionci, begging them to invite you to their shows or publications to interview you, or even debate you if they are so sure that you are wrong. Buy they want nothing to do with you. Not sure if it’s because they don’t want to being attention to you, or just overall afraid of the results of having you on. But none of them want any part of it – and this is despite them insisting that this Benedict is Pope thing is ridiculous and putting souls at risk. I find it so strange that they insist they are so concerned for souls, and they insist that the Benedict is Pope “claim” is putting souls at risk, yet they refuse to truly engage the strongest proponents of this views they claim are putting souls at risk. I’ve often presented it to them as an opportunity to really refute the “Benedict is Pope” claim by publicly refuting its strongest proponents. But they are all uninterested it seems – which is odd if they are really so concerned for souls.

    Whatever the case, they can’t pretend they don’t know who Br. Bugnolo is because they’ve all been informed by now, and I suspect I’m not alone in having brought this to their attention.

    1. You see, I blew the whistle on a Traddie community in 1998, 1999, and on another in 2000, for pedophilia. So I am radio active to their friends. I have known this for 22 years, but no one would believe me when I said it. Maybe now….

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