Globalist funded study says Anti-Vaxxers are the cause of the blood-clots

Editor’s Note: If you have learned something about how the pushers of the Great Reset say the contrary of the truth, you can turn this road side 180 degrees around and point it right back to the real perps.  — This is very low grade propaganda, and it shows that they are desperate to divert attention to their own culpability.

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9 thoughts on “Globalist funded study says Anti-Vaxxers are the cause of the blood-clots”

  1. I’ve listened to “conspiracy theorists” like Alex Jones and David Icke for decades, and have watched as many of their most prepostrous conclusions and predictions have proved true. Nothing magical or mystical about it; they’re just excellent observers and information researchers with keen insights. The Hegelian dialectic (Problem, Reaction, Solution) was never represented more clearly than during the covid debacle.

    One thing Icke has pointed out repeatedly over the years is the significance of the “inversion” of things in society, popular culture, government. It’s what they do, and it’s certainly Biblical, as in Isaiah 5: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” And liars will always accuse others of things they themselves are guilty of doing and being. These servants of Satan are predictable to the point of being boring, but unfortunately, they’re also dangerous.

  2. The Fraud/Cheat Elections placing dementia-ridden OBiden in the Oval and stroke victim unable to think/speak coherently into the Senate combined with the quality of this transparent propaganda is the exact reason the Neo-Feudalist, Fascist Genocidal Maniacs are SO-O terrified. They’re psychopathic predators KNOWING HOW STUPID AND OUTMATCHED THEY ARE by those they have deceived themselves to believe their ‘Human Herd’.

    Tic Toc, Tic Toc…Time is slipping away and they’re no doubt perfecting the next genocidal scheme. WE ARE STUPID, COWARDLY AND COMPLACENT TO NOT GO AFTER THE GREEDY IDOLATORS WITH THE FULL MIGHT OF ‘THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD’. It’s imperative to stand and fight the Criminally Insane…To EXECUTE EVERY Criminal Against Humanity.

    1. You forgot the 2 dead people elected to Congress: 1 in PA, 1 in TN this yr too! TheMayor ofNew Orleans doesn’t really count, since she died in a TA in mid afternoon of election day, so no opportunity to remove her from the ballot; the other 2 were a month or more before election day.

  3. Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Sanofi Pasteur are desperate now because they lost protection.

    Their last resort is to use their paid media men who are dying of heart attacks daily.

  4. The “clots” that are, in fact, parasites in the jab fluids, which invated blood vessels, feed on your blood, and grow, ’til they literally occlude the vein or artery, causing severe injury or death. There is no way we, who remain unjabbed, are “responsible” for that; we didn’t inject those parasites into those dying of them; neither do we, in any way, control the parasites in them, so yet another lie, in the process of demonizing us to those who are too ignorant, illiterate, lazy, or brainwashed into compliance, to do any investigation, or hear any truth, so that when the ovens start, they will ignore the stench, and tell themselves it’s for the best… By the time it hits them in the faces, that we were not the ones destroying their lives, we will be gone from this world, whether by rapture, or by martyrdom….

    1. They even didn’t wonder why other people refused the injection. Though, it was quite simple: survival instinct.
      If you need to be blackmailed to be saved, there is something wrong. No need of more explanations.
      Thus, let’s be very vigilant. “They” did not get us that time, they will find other ways. Of course, making us responsible for all their low works, is another technique to use the anger or jealousy of others upon us, agains us. Just another way of both making diversion and maintaining the pressure, reorienting the doubts on the easy scapegoats. They just save time. while honnest people are still wondering why they don’t tell the truth… It works. Let’s make you gain time: they will never reveal the truth or go themselves in justice..! They are the worst people since a long time of human history. Read Br. Bugnolooo more attentively, it’s “lean”. BR.

  5. Soon they publish a study saying that breathing is bad for one’s health. Psalm 2: they are making God laugh. Look at them while you can because soon God will turn them into fertilizer.

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