3 thoughts on “Glazov: Smart Cities are to be the Concentration Camps of the NWO”

  1. I knew those “smart cities” were a really dumb idea! People are not designed to live like sardines packed in a can! We are designed to be part of the natural world. Look at history, especially the past century. Violence against one another, particularly mass violence, has increased as humans become jammed more and more into urban enclaves. “Green spaces” are clearly insufficient to the needs. But again, this is Satan not caring what humans need.

    1. So right. The documentaries exploring the no and EMPTY Chinese Smart cities are impossible to believe; that ANYBODY in their right mind would EVER want to live there. They’re not created for LIVING…They are created for INCARCERATION INDEFINITELY. Even a castle/mansion with all the accruements and luxuries imaginable would not be and could not be acceptable as a prison.

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