RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Ministry of Defense obstructs importation of military equipment

Editor’s Note: To those unfamiliar with the level of corruption, this seems to be incredible news, but in Russia, the oligarchs who want to make a buck off the war do not want soldiers supplying themselves through private outlets which are importing the materials without paying bribes to themselves.  Banning the importation of military supplies for private distribution chains, seems insane on first glance, but once you understand that Russia is not the savior of the West but rather the decrepit ruins of a corrupt half-mongolian society, it makes sense. — click the image to read the entire discussion on Twitter.

But the real reason why the Ministry of Defense may have undertaken this ban, is that they fear revolution, and since revolutionaries would need to acquire such equipment to mount and offensive, banning importation of it defends the regime. And if this interpretation be valid, this is a very good sign that after Iran and China, unrest is about to spread to Russia.

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2 thoughts on “RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Ministry of Defense obstructs importation of military equipment”

  1. The upheaval spreads…The Globalists have too many factors to keep the control they desire. They must be in conflict about the desire to create the appearance/belief/delusion of the CERTAINTY of their victory and desire for absolute control. The fine balance at the precipice is apparent in every small detail leaked out. It’s time to INCREASE TRANSHUMANISTIC SURGERIES placing chips in the brains of the stupid brutes they determine to be appropriate SLAVES to survive their next depopulation plans.

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