UK: Crown Prosecution service Criminalizes Christianity

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2 thoughts on “UK: Crown Prosecution service Criminalizes Christianity”

  1. It’s not the Bible that’s inappropriate; it’s the focus on those “hurt feelings” Biblical truth raises, when consciences pinch in its presence, that is inappropriate. Satan won’t tolerate any deviance from his agenda because he’s a coward, and knows if truth is heard, some will turn to it, away from him, and those are souls he loses to Yhwh God. That’s why the increasing intolerance toward Christians, even from other religious groups that lived in tolerance with Christians for centuries. Satan knows qthe only way he can hurt Yhwh is to drag souls into hell with himself, for eternity, so he won’t tolerate losing a single 1 he has, and seeks to snatch even more, before he’s finished.

  2. Br. Alexis,
    It seems that even your articles on spirituality become political these days. Not your fault, it’s a sign of the times. But I so much enjoy your articles on the Bible and Church history.

    I have decided to go back to a flip phone in a couple of weeks–permanently this time. I am not well suited to the deep study of current affairs. Immersion in such things is very distressing to me. But I hope I can do some small part by passively resisting the awful societal changes that are being pushed upon us. I do not wear the mask or take any vaxes, and do my best to support people who resist deleterious changes to our way of life here.

    I’m going to miss my daily dose of, but I’ll be a lot happier not knowing all of the gory details. I still thank God for each “normal” day, and would like to encourage others to do the same. I don’t know if my prayers have any bearing on the fact that things continue fairly normal here, but they can’t hurt! I will continue to pray for you, that at some point you can return to the contemplative life, and maybe return to writing books, since it’s obvious that you are a scholar at heart.

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