USA: Vicious Defender of Boy-Rapists, promoted by Bergoglian Bishop’s Conference

Editor’s Note: He was voted in by the majority. Thus, Catholics in the United States MUST presume that those who voted for him are predatory boy-rapists and are preying on your children. — Another reason to break from all those who refuse Pope Benedict XVI! — Once the Catholic Faithful realize that it is these miscreants who pushed Vatican II, they will understand how important it is for the salvation of their own souls and the protection of their own families that every last cleric who promoted this council be retired. We need a new race of priests, honest chaste, normal men!

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5 thoughts on “USA: Vicious Defender of Boy-Rapists, promoted by Bergoglian Bishop’s Conference”

  1. V2…a Rockefeller project to unite all churches…and pitched to John 23rd…who called it….whose authority was needed…a mysterious presence of the enemy detected…LatinMass to be retained….Novus Ordo hoisted anyway….chancery offices compromised…huge homo problem …etc…etc….

  2. Unless those are also among the predators, how can they defend those who are? Do they not understand the damage done to the victims of such abuse, from even one encounter??? It’s compounded by subsequent episodes, and one of the things it damages most is an ability to relate to Yhwh God. Every victim of such predation gets a “life sentence”, while the predators are often protected. Even those that are not, however, never receive a “just” penalty for the harm they’ve done.

    1. Every last Bishop needs to be removed, and all of their advisors and proteges. The Catholic Church in the USA is an augean stable…

      1. Interesting comment. Where is our Hercules to clean the stables out…Our Jesus Christ? How long can God tolerate this abomination of his bride?

      2. I could not agree more! Normally, since I’m not Catholic, I stay out of within the church issues, but as a survivor of early childhood sexual abuse, this is one issue I will address, on behalf of others who are so abused, but may not have had the help they need yet.

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