Glen Beck traces out the steps to establish the Neo-Fascist Global State

Why did Beck interview this young woman? A counter-discussion:

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12 thoughts on “Glen Beck traces out the steps to establish the Neo-Fascist Global State”

    1. She is definitely an author to follow news about. She is even sane, in that she moved to a part of the world to avoid the Globalists. She acts on truth, even if she is not a believer.

      Would that Catholics be so rational.

    2. A journalist who follows the TRUTH follows Christ, who is “The Way, the Truth, and the Light” — even if they do not know it yet. One day this young woman will make a splendid Catholic.
      Let’s pray for that!

  1. Sobering. This lady is 33 years old and obviously at the peak of her intellectual and energetic power. Same age as Our Lord when He completed his vocation in this world,

    If she is not assassinated, she has many good years ahead of her in which to continue her career as a journalist of integrity.
    I am 74, and see her as both mature and heartbreakingly young.

  2. Let’s say it. Her name is Whitney Webb. God bless her.
    I will pray for her safety as I hope God is using her as an example of one seeking the TRUTH.
    I believe that if people used her example but looked for the solution in God instead of in man, the globalists and forces of evil could be defeated quicker.

    1. This second video by Professor Hammonto is a gem. It is clear that Whitney Webb is a created personality intended to inherit Glenn Beck’s audience. His sticky oozing of praise of her was cringy. The way she answered “Are you God driven?” Was also a dead give away. And looking at pictures of her, I wonder if she is even a woman….

      1. I do not think Dr. Hamamoto is on the right tract questioning her gender. As for her wealth, that number may not be reliable, because a lot of online sites estimate wealth by charitable donations, which exaggerates the calculation. This is a known faulty practice.

      2. What is valuable in her research is that fact that the Alphabet agencies (not to be confused with the Alphabet Inc which works with those same agencies) worked in the past hand in hand with “the mob”, and instead of arresting and eliminating the mob, these agencies have adopted the mob’s tactics and absorbed their philosophy into their own way of existence today. Just like ussr’s philosophy was never eliminated, neither has the mafia’s, it just got transferred somewhere else like a evil parasite.

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