Dr. Peter Kreft: Things will get bad. Expect it.

Dr. Peter Kreft is the professor of philosophy who taught Br. Bugnolo to think, years ago in minor seminary.

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Peter Kreft: Things will get bad. Expect it.”

  1. What a treasure…He’s a very kind, humorous, wise and holy man if not perfect; a rare breed. Just had to go to YouTube for ‘Sips with Aquinas’ to hear more and wasn’t all that shocked to learn he wrote about Pascal. Plan to visit a site with him again. Something about him promotes peacefulness and rest within the soul as my maternal Grandfather. Br. Bugnolo, you were very blessed to have had such a mentor/Professor.

  2. Things are already “bad”, “as it was in the days of Noah”; but they’re going to get worse, if that’s even possible…

  3. What book of Kreeft do you suggest, which would deal with logic, reason, and how to think for a high school student to read?

    1. Alas, he has written many books since I was his student back in the late 80’s, so I am not one to know which to recommend, since I have not read any of them.

  4. We need a return to the standard of “Divorce is not an option.” You know what they used to say, the first five years are the hardest, lol!

  5. I am not at all happy with the current situation, but divorce is not an option. God hates divorce. One has to trust that He will work things out, sooner or later, if one remains faithful in prayer. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for…”

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