European Court of Justice orders Universal Beneficial Owners’ Indices to be abolished

Editor’s Note: This development is not coincidental, but is an important move by the Globalists to prevent investigations of the kind which uncovered the conspiracies behind Scamdemic 1.0. This means that the launch of the next fake pandemic is nearer that we think.

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2 thoughts on “European Court of Justice orders Universal Beneficial Owners’ Indices to be abolished”

  1. Once again, while thoroughly disgusting, not in the least surprising. Both the UN Agendas and Biblical prophecy have warned us ahead to expect evil piled upon evilinthe days closely preceeding Jesus’ return, to judge the sins and rule this world. We should be ready, listening for the shout and shofar blast, not fearful.

    1. When ‘GOOD’ people are too afraid to suffer and die; THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE COUPE WHERE EVIL TAKES OVER. “God helps those who help themselves.” is attributed to ancient Greece or a man named Algernon Sydney among others. The point is…”All necessary for evil to win is for good to do nothing.” AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM. This generation is Godless, spoiled, soft, lazy, indoctrinated and brainwashed…Completely and utterly worthless and THEY WILL MOST CERTAINLY SUFFER FOR IT after THEY BEHAVE AS THE MAOIST YOUNG to murder the good in their own country areas, villages, towns, cities; all the good suffer and die first.

      In the end evil will eat other evil up and whatever remains at the top will no doubt be LUCIFER/SATAN. Even those faithful to God have no will, ambition or intense love for their own kids and Grandkids to fight back…WHAT INSANITY. There really are some things WORSE THAN DEATH and we’re beginning to learn DIRECTLY of exactly what that means…As, the Ukrainians have known for almost 500 years in opposing Russia.

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