Now Catholics must learn to survive together, or prepare to perish one-by-one in the NWO
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11 thoughts on “Now Catholics must learn to survive together, or prepare to perish one-by-one in the NWO”

    1. Because all institutions have either been infiltrated or bought, or do not have the moral fiber to break free of the systems of control.

  1. Br. Alexis,

    I have noticed a reluctance in people who have some understanding of what is going on to congregate in large groups, because this is not the Middle Ages, when a strong wall will protect.

    The enemy of the people at this time is the Filthy Rich, and they have the combined military of many countries, with technology we cannot imagine, at their disposal.

    Guerilla warfare has traditionally been the only viable option for the weak against the strong. My money is on Afghanistan to survive. No one has beaten them yet!

    1. Your cynicism is humorous. But obviously if they start bombing towns in their own countries, all hell will be unleashed on them. That will be the sign that they have lost all control. And yes, I do think they would prefer a nuclear winter than losing control. That is why the masses have to wake up and fast!

  2. I agree with all of this and have been speaking of it for years. (Setting up a Catholic community).
    But without the leadership of men, and ideally a faithful priest, it cannot happen.


    1. I personally know a couple who would be willing. As we say in the United States, build a church and a priest will come….

  3. I may be slow, but the idea to create Catholic societies that can provide and defend themselves is becoming clearer to me. I left the city 11 years ago to garden with livestock. In Canada, if God doesn’t strike us, surely Canada falls by its own foolishness. If there is a community in the East Coast of Canada, let me know.

    Thank you Aj and Br Bugnolo for sharing your clear thoughts.

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