The Fight over the Arizona Election is about prepping for the Next “Pandemic”

Editor’s Note: Who can be sure what the Globalists are going to spring upon us next? but this program offers a prudent proactive viewpoint about how to prepare to resist and survive it. For those who are financially capable, this advice should be heard. Most Catholics are doing nothing, even though among the opposition. If the next Scamdemic is launched on us in the next 3 months, I dare say none of us will survive it, except the handful of my readers who have already gone off grid and become preppers.

In the second half of this report, there is a commentary on the desocialization of a population, based on a 1960’s study of mice. The analysis is a very sound one, and sends an alarm to all of today and offers a good prospective on what kinds of associates to chose and avoid. Because in the coming apocalypse, socialism will be the downfall of the human race, and only a return to traditional family and societal organization will save us.

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4 thoughts on “The Fight over the Arizona Election is about prepping for the Next “Pandemic””

  1. The United States of America is being sabotaged from the inside by the insanos globalists. Ideology, rising inflation, recession are the reality today. I’ve seen some analysis that american defense is seriously compromised. It is incapable, for example, of defending itself against Russian or Chinese hypersonic missiles in the event of an air strike. Besides, the military forces are in crisis. Hardly, the Americans defended Europe in a Russian attack.

    1. There’s more to the military problems. Wokeism is taking time that should be spent in training and drilling in fighting, and surviving battle, skills, strategies, seamanship skills, radar , and sonar use to monitor enemy movements, satellite use, etc. Instead, all these necessary skills are sacrificed on the altar of not hurting feelings, or proper pronouns, etc. All that is bad enough, but WORSE is that recruitment age men and women want no part of defending the nation they were taught to believe is the ultimate evil scourge on the Earth, and that’s compounded by so many who are physically unfit for the military, and who are further mentally unfit to serve, as well, so that the potential pool of eligible recruits is getting as shallow as Lake Mead and the Euphrates River. As a veteran myself, I see this and know our military could not successfully survive a 1 front war. Now add to that, virtually all our manufacturing, food growing, pharmaceutical production and the like, which enabled our victory in WW II, have since been moved off shore, much into nations that would almost certainly be opposing us in a future war.

  2. France, with the best army in the EU (that’s not saying much) has most of their troops deployed with NATO. This renders them incapable of dealing with sudden/unexpected domestic riots and rebellion by various “disaffected minorities”.
    There is some Catholic prophecy about the misfortunes which will afflict France because of her apostasy.

    1. French people allas, have chosen the antechrist as president, and this, twice. Nobody can prove that the election was stolen, it’s so easy to steal an election! As they are taken in charge by the “wellfare” State from their birth until their death, they don’t see the evil anymore. They live in a half sleep and it’s okay, because they have their so-called comfort, even if life is not easy everyday. What counts, is that it’s worse elsewhere. In France you always compare to what’s worse (never to what’s better!), to satisfy yourself, in a traditional kind of arrogance and self-satisfaction. But, in that country which is mine (yours too?), there are also the best people among western countries. Intelligent, brave, kind, with common sense and solidarity. The antic french gentleman, full of talents, good peasant, good engineer. We saw samples of them during the yellow vest insurrection. Until the State gazed them massively, shot them to make lose arms, eyes etc. And spoiled it with extreme left guys. Then: massive repression. Massive mobilisation of the police. Police who is the only corp to have no poison mandate! And during the cow-weed, of course, mass psyop + repression + insults from the double-elected antechrist. And parallel to that, mass immigration and growing crime thanks to the justice minister who declared himself as the “minister of the prisonners”. Nobody understood that that meant first degree that he’s under order of crime. How will this end? It could be, that nothing special happens, and that the collapse continues, slowly, too. Also because the poison has taken energy of most of the people.

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