VAERS data shows 20-25 increase in death rate within first months after being DeathVaxxed

Editor’s Note: Here at, I get cheap trolling which attempts to discredit criticism of the DeathVaxxes on the basis of the expected mortality resulting from them according their critics. Here we have a medical expert who also got it wrong before hand. As in every investigation, the truth becomes more clear as more evidence comes in. It is insane to criticize the investigators, so as to defend the perpetrators, unless you are a lawyer defending the perps.

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3 thoughts on “VAERS data shows 20-25 increase in death rate within first months after being DeathVaxxed”

  1. And this is just the tip of that iceberg. Most of the deaths that come will not even be connected to the jabs, because of the time gaps.

  2. This is so evil and so ubiquitous through out the. world I don’t see how this can be made right or cured
    unless the HAND OF GOD stops this curse…. Humanity is doomed without procreation….
    My feeling is that all the sodomy, abortion,
    Satanic rituals , blasphemous masses. in addition
    To sins against the 10. Commandments , will deter GOD Who. Is. All. Just from saving humanity. and
    Will not cure these damaged people…
    Most people here in NYC. really don’t know. Right from wrong… The NOVUS. ORDO church
    Never talked about what sin is since. Vatican. 11…

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