VATICAN removes Code of Canon Law from website to protect Bergoglio from claims he is Anti-Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The demonstration in the Italian social media world, that Benedict XVI is the pope has reached such a level of universal agreement, that the Vatican has resorted to one of the most vile tricks on the internet: it has removed from its official website the entire text, in all languages, of the Code of Canon Law! (see here: )

The text as it heretofore existed was a constant reference to canonists and scholars the world over, considered as it was the most reliable and readily available edition.

It was especially important to demonstrate that Benedict XVI is still the pope. Thousands of articles on the web linked to it. Now those links go no where.

Its various vernacular translations were no less important, for showing the devious conspiracy and gross ignorance which has prevailed for nearly 40 years in twisting the understanding of the canons.

But now every part of the Code has disappeared. An act which will surely spark even greater controversies and speculations in Italy and throughout the Church.

And the removal was done in a very indecorous manner, as all one gets is a 404 error.

You think that on a budget of 50 Million euro they could hire a middle school student to code a page to receive 404 errors!

There is some speculation that the Vatican website has been hacked, but from my 25+ years of work on running websites in several countries and environments, I do not think that has happened.

Rather, this is all part of the messaging of an Ecclesiastical Mafia which has just sent a big message — equivalent to the middle finger — to everyone in the Church who wants a church of laws.

It also sends a strong message to anyone who wants a discussion based on the laws of the Church.

Thankfully, there are many like myself with an actual hard copy of the 1983 Code as John Paul II published it. It also can still be found online at other websites such as here, in the standard worthless English translation.

If you know of online editions in Latin or other languages, please list them in the comments below.


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15 thoughts on “VATICAN removes Code of Canon Law from website to protect Bergoglio from claims he is Anti-Pope”

  1. Didn’t even have the English Translation. So, thx for the English Translation. Once fluent in Spanish. Too many years have passed and it’s now fairly forgotten. Only Latin is from Latin Mass until it was discontinued…SADLY. So Thx for going to the trouble. THIS IS FAIRLY UPROARIOUS. Your work among other opposition to the St. Gallen Mafia with its Minion/Demons and ‘The Laity’ is getting to them at some level, anyway. 🙏🏻 and Fast as Mt 17:21 states.

    By the way; are you aware of the Bibles from the most recent 50 yrs. to have that verse removed…Have looked and looked in any Bible encountered and it’s in NONE. All the old Bibles had it. Not only NOT TEACHING HOW TO REMOVE DEMONS…Not even allowing the faithful to know it’s possible. HOW WICKED THESE DEMONIC BEING ARE.

  2. These Freemason apostates will stop at nothing to do Satan’s bidding. Bergoglio is an antipope. Nothing will change that. All of these prelates, clerics, and lay people who support Bergoglio have committed the mortal sin of schism from the Holy Father- Pope Benedict. Indeed, as Our Lady said- the Apostasy will go all the way to the top. Perhaps holy Mother Church is indeed in the End Times. God save Pope Benedict!

    1. We will sin also against the first commandment if we associate ourselves with the Bergoglian schismatics.

      I will have nothing to do with the beast.

  3. I just tried using the duckduckgo search engine and got the same white page with the same error message.

  4. Isn’t it interesting that gov’ts, even that of the Vatican City, are increasingly restricting access to information that might not fit the Narrative the NWO/ one world gov’t wants people to know, while also increasingly restricting, or outright eliminating, voices raised in question or doubt concerning that narrative? I have to wonder what it is they’re so afraid of, that they feel compelled to hide truth and silence all questioning, or dissent. If they are “in the right”, what is there to fear? And if they are not, and know they are not, could it be they fear retribution fron the very Yhwh God they try so hard to deny?

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