RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Ministry of Defense obstructs importation of military equipment

Editor’s Note: To those unfamiliar with the level of corruption, this seems to be incredible news, but in Russia, the oligarchs who want to make a buck off the war do not want soldiers supplying themselves through private outlets which are importing the materials without paying bribes to themselves.  Banning the importation of military supplies for private distribution chains, seems insane on first glance, but once you understand that Russia is not the savior of the West but rather the decrepit ruins of a corrupt half-mongolian society, it makes sense. — click the image to read the entire discussion on Twitter.

But the real reason why the Ministry of Defense may have undertaken this ban, is that they fear revolution, and since revolutionaries would need to acquire such equipment to mount and offensive, banning importation of it defends the regime. And if this interpretation be valid, this is a very good sign that after Iran and China, unrest is about to spread to Russia.

USA: Vicious Defender of Boy-Rapists, promoted by Bergoglian Bishop’s Conference

Editor’s Note: He was voted in by the majority. Thus, Catholics in the United States MUST presume that those who voted for him are predatory boy-rapists and are preying on your children. — Another reason to break from all those who refuse Pope Benedict XVI! — Once the Catholic Faithful realize that it is these miscreants who pushed Vatican II, they will understand how important it is for the salvation of their own souls and the protection of their own families that every last cleric who promoted this council be retired. We need a new race of priests, honest chaste, normal men!

China’s Covid Lockdowns driving unrest and rebellion

ITALY: Bannon successfully defends against fraud case in Trisulti Monastery lease

Editor’s Note: Steve Bannon, who was pardoned by President Donald Trump (Skull and Bones) for embezzling funds to build a wall to protect the US Southern Boarder from illegal Catholic/Christian immigrants, successfully defended his consortium against fraud charges in Administrative Court, in Lazio, Italy, this week.

Bannon’s consortium, without the proper participation of experts in restoration and conservation, and without paying any notable fees, obtained a 99 year lease on the Monastery in a public bidding process, which required at least a 10 or 30 Million investment. No monies have yet been invested, to my knowledge.

I do know this, that in Italy, if a monk attempted this he would be thrown out the door for attempting to “appropriate a cultural site for personal use”.

Bannon’s successful defense means that this ancient Catholic Monastery has now fallen into the hands of the Satanic Mass-Murdering Lodge from Yale. It will be dedicated to “defending the Judeo-Christian Civilization of Europe”.

Yeeeeeaaaaah! For shuuur…!

I will wager that it will be used to train political operatives of Skull and Bones to neutralize any restoration of Christendom and guarantee that the continent converts to Satanism and the religion of the Anti-Christ. This is highly likely, because Trump cannot even stand Catholics, as his recent insult of the GOP Governor of Florida shows.

The title of this article at Church Militant is, therefore, perhaps truer than it appears, since gladiators were pagan mercenaries hired to entertain the masses, so that the masses could be kept under control, by godless emperors.

BRASIL: Military Generals give Bolsonaro carte blanche to correct election fraud

Editor’s Note: I cannot confirm this report, which says that the Generals of the Armed Forces of Brasil have confirmed Bolsonaro as Supreme Leader. After which he removed 16 generals from their post. It appears that Bolsonaro will not head a military junta or dictatorship, or perhaps, simply exercise extraordinary powers to settle claims of election fraud.


Don Minutella and Br. Bugnolo discuss the canonical problems at the Vatican

 Summary and further explanations by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I had the pleasure and honor to be interviewed via telephone last night in Italian (see video above) by the renowned Don Alessandro Minutella, Catholic Priest and Pastor of the Parish of Saint Don Bosco, Palermo, who since 2016 has been leading a social media and preaching crusade against the arch-heretic who has usurped the Apostolic Throne and seized control of the Vatican City State.

We talked at length about the canonical aspects and juridical problems had by the party of criminal accomplices in the upper clergy and among social media personalities in demonstrating that his claim to the Roman Papacy is legitimate.

In this broadcast, I said nothing that I have not said previously, except for our discussion about what might happen at the death of the Roman Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI. Though I mentioned the recent autogol of Don Tullio Rotondo, in his online skirmishing war with Andrea Cionci, which I reported on here.

First, I pointed out that we cannot be sure about any of the circumstances of that future event, because, Bergoglio could pass to his eternal recompense before the Holy Father, or even resign. As to Don Minutella’s question on this, I emphatically stated that I do not, as an anthropologist, see anything in his character which would lead me to think that he would ever resign, nay, I think he will be giving orders to the last moments of his death bed — though, if he was DeathVaxxed, he may just drop suddenly.

Second, we do not know if the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI has discretely already made arrangements for the election of a legitimate successor, seeing that in the past, during the final days of Pope Honorius II, the faithful Cardinals gathered around the dying Pontiff and expressed to him their concern that, after his death, the faction led by Pietro Pierleoni, of a very bad reputation for simony and the theft of sacred objects (Pierleoni was from a family of Jews converted to the Catholic Faith) would seize control, since he had bought a large number of followers in the city.  So on February 13, 1130 A. D., Pope Honorius II signed a brief which restricted the number of electors for the election of his successor to a commission of Cardinals, the members of which were attending him in his death. Thus, was Pope Innocent II legitimately and validly, but not canonically in the strictest sense, elected.

So it is possible, that Pope Benedict XVI has already promulgated or will promulgate a special law governing the election of his successor. And indeed, he can do so at any moment, and those named as Electors will be the witnesses to it. Juridically it must be signed before his death, before witnesses whose number at least contains 2 Bishops.

Hence, though it appears to everyone in Italy, that there are no Cardinal Electors who want to recognize that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope, it may be possible that he will arrange for the election of his successor.

And for that reason, I mentioned last night, that it remains to be seen what Archbishop Gänswein will do, following the death of the Holy Father, in the situation where no Cardinal Electors have returned to him publicly or privately. For if the Archbishop, at the funeral mass names Bergoglio in the canon of the Mass, then we can presume reasonably that he was not faithful to Pope Benedict XVI and served as a prison guard of the Holy Father, all these long years. But that if he offers that Mass or those Masses in sede vacante, then he is signifying that he stood with the Holy Father as a faithful ally and servant all those years.

Don Minutella asked me, then, if I think the Archbishop is a faithful ally or a prison guard. And I told him that I first assumed the latter, but now incline to the former, though I cannot be certain, because it could be, that to serve the Holy Father faithfully he has had to dissimulate loyalty to both claimants to the Apostolic Throne, or that even Pope Benedict XVI has instructed him to use mental reservation to achieve this.

Failing any special law and in the case of the apostasy of all the Cardinal Electors, then I affirmed that there remains a way to validly elect the Roman Pontiff, as Pope John Paul II implied in his promulgatory act of the new code of Canon Law in 1983, where he said, that the institution of the Conclave is NOT necessary for the valid election of the Roman Pontiff!  When I first read that years ago, I presumed he was speaking about the long course of centuries, but after discovering that Pope Benedict XVI uses amphibologies, and that the renunciation of the Roman Pontiff in canon law was altered in the code of 1983, to allow a fake abdication to fool the Freemasons in the upper clergy who have been working for 2 centuries to seize the papacy, I hypothesized that this statement by Pope John Paul II was a hint, an indication, that his papal law for the election of the Roman Pontiff contained some sort of pressure valve or condition where the law would abolish itself.

In fact, it is a very widespread error, that the Cardinals alone have the right to elect the Roman Pontiff. I thought so myself, for most of my life, until I read canons 335, 349 and 359, which clearly state that after the death and/or valid abdication of the Roman Pontiff, the Cardinals enjoy only those rights which are according to them by special law. That is, they have no canonical or apostolic right to elect the Roman Pontiff!  This present system differs from that established during the Third Lateran Council, canon 1, for example. Thus if the special law had any condition which would prevent the present method from being implemented, the Cardinal Electors would lose all right per se to participate in the election.

For in the course of the centuries the Roman Pontiffs have been elected by papal laws, canons, or apostolic tradition, as I have discussed here. And in thus, since the current law abolished all previous laws and canons, there could be no recourse to these if no Cardinal Electors remained faithful. Hence, the condition in the present law itself, that Cardinal Electors lose their right to elect the Roman Pontiff if they do not appear in conclave by the 22nd day, would result in the law itself losing all force after that date, or rather, to the abolition of the institution of the Conclave for that specific election, since obviously, there can be no Conclave if no one has the right to vote in it.

Thus, in such an eventuality the faithful of the Church of Rome (Dioceses of Rome and its suburbican Dioceses), whether clergy, religious, or lay, can and must convene to elect the successor of Pope Benedict XVI according to the Apostolic Right of that Church to do so, which right was established by St. Peter and recognized by St. Paul the Apostle. Obviously, this refers only to the number of the faithful who were in communion with the Roman Pontiff, at his death, and who belonged to the Church of Rome. This could include Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Monsignori, Priests, Deacons, Seminarians, Religious and laity, who are either incardinated in these dioceses (in the case of clergy), or who hold ecclesiastical residence in these territories (laity and religious of pontifical institutes or diocesan institutes established by such ordinaries).



And hence it is, that it is important that the faithful gather together and show themselves prior to such a necessity. Indeed, the more frequently we gather together to proclaim Pope Benedict XVI is THE POPE, the more strength will we show to convince the weak to return to communion with him.

To this end, Don Minutella and the 7 priests collaborating with him have organized a public meeting at Rome, on December 11th.  And at my suggestion, last night, he has extended his invitation to participate and be present at this gathering to ALL the faithful wherever they may live, to come and join us.

THUS, I extend my personal and cordial invitation TO ALL CLERGY, RELIGIOUS AND LAITY wheresoever they be in the world, who recognize Benedict XVI is still the Pope, the sole Vicar of Jesus Christ, to come to Rome for Dec. 11th, of this year, and join me and the clergy, religious and faithful of Italy in this first event of its kind.

And at my suggestion, Don Minutella will plan such events every three months or so.

So far 1300 Catholics have preregistered for this free event open to all.

I will be there, and it will be my pleasure to meet all who come and make your acquaintance.

(For reasons of security, if you wish to attend, give me your contact information in a comment — which I will not publish — and I will put you on a private mailing list for updates about this and the details  of time and place at Rome)

Bergoglio began his reign with intentional fraud

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If there is one thing that is delightful about the allies of Bergoglio, is that when they actually do attempt to prove his claim to the papacy is legitimate, then they succeed only in discovering more proofs that it is not! They do the work for us! We must praise and thank God for them, really!

Such a gift-wrapped Advent present was mailed out about an hour ago by Don Tullio Rotondo, a Catholic priest from Gallo Matese, Italy, who on Twitter and Youtube is invoved in a skirmishing war with Andrea Cionci, over every aspect of Bergoglio’s claim.

This new present is what Andrea would call an “autogol”, the word Italians shout at a soccer match, when a team puts the ball in their own goal! It is considered the most embarassing thing that any Italian can do.

And it is.

Since, Don Tullio Rotondo has gone to the lengths of finding the Declartio of Pope Benedict XVI in its official Latin version in the Acta Apostolicae Sedeis at the Vatican Website, to prove that the Holy Father is no longer the pope.

And what did he find?

(Click on the image above to read Don Tullio’s discovery
and get the link to the PDF from the Vatican Website. I will embed that same PDF below for historical record.)

He found an entry dated March 1, 2013 with the act bearing this title in Latin:

De muneris Episcopi Romae, Successoris Sancti Petri abdicatione.

If you know a little Latin you can understand what is up, but I will translate for all my readers who do not:

On the abdication of the munus of the Bishop of Rome, Successor of St. Peter.

The autogol here, is, this: that it is the very definition of counterfeit product, that a piece of merchandise bears a label which does not correspond to the contents of the product. And here we have a glaring example of that, since the Declaratio of Pope Benedict, which then follows — which appears to be the authentic text — does to contain the verb, “to abdicate”, nor any object of a verb for renounce which is “munus”.

So, what is going on?

Surely an official legal journal would put a proper title on the document? Yes.

But surely a proper title would list the act as a juridical act, which is binding? Yes.

But to do that, the title has to name a juridical act in the Code of Canon Law of 1983.

The only title one could put would be, “De muneris … renuntiatio”. Since that is mentioned in Canon 332 §2.

But there are no such words in the Act.

Thus, if there was good will, the title would simple reflect that. But then, there would be no reason to put it in the AAS, which is not for announcements .. those go through the Vatican Press Office.

So, to perpetrate a fraud, the AAS which is published 3 months after events, was falsified some time in April of 2013 with the insertion of this Declaratio under a bogus rubric or title.

And to do this, a claim had to be made about the document which the text of the document could not sustain.

So the words, De muneris …. abdicationis, were chosen.

But the fool who wrote this, did not know his Canon Law, because there is no such act of abdication in the code. The verb is renunciation. He also erred in that he said this abdication regarded the Bishopric of Rome. But that is not the correct legal appellation, which is the Apostolic See.

That’s two errors to make one lie.

But no one would make such mistakes UNLESS they knew beforehand that the Declaratio SHOULD contain the words, “me muneri … renuntiare”.

So, in making two errors and one lie, they also revealed malice of aforethought and confessed they knew the act was invalid!

And the man in power at the Vatican when this falsification was published, was none other that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Cardinal of Buenas Aires. So the crime is directly imputable to him.

But the publication of this falsification, which received NO contradiction in public from ANYONE in the Roman Curia, means that they were all IN ON THE CONSPIRACY against Pope Benedict XVI: they have always known and understood that he remained the pope and that Bergoglio was a usurper.

This is why they are totally silent, have been, and intend to be such, as long as they can keep this fraud going.

Thus, it is incumbent on all of us, to shout it from the roof tops!

Saving this PDF for the future trial of these rebels against the Roman Church.