5 thoughts on “Meme of the Year: “I identify as a Conspiracy Theorist””

  1. A meme to which I can relate, although I’d also add “I wish I’d been wrong”, much of the time…

    1. Dear Sandra,
      Thank You!
      With You we will continue to identify as CONSPIRACY REALISTS and repeat at every opportunity: – I told You so! –

      Lest we forget … the CoViD atrocities against Families by our elected governments doing the bidding of the evil Eugenicists-Globalists-Transhumanists …et cetera etc. etc.

      Thanks again with Loving Blessings for enduring Courage, good health and Joyful days with all your Families, Friends, Companions and Colleagues here, there and anywhere on this fragile Planet Earth, … right back from the beginning of time. Amen!!!
      Concerned Families International Network
      The Christ-like Way!

  2. Well, as the saying goes, the difference between conspiracy theory and reality is typically 3 weeks to 3 decades!

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