3 thoughts on “Rosa Koire explains Agenda 2030 (prophetic 2019 edition)”

  1. Thx for this repeat presentation. Wasn’t subscribed in 2019 and didn’t watch last December. EVERYBODY MUST WATCH THIS!!!

  2. All of this was covered in the Agenda I read, a out the same time she did, apparently; it was amplified, and explained in ancillary writings by the Club of Rome (aka Bilderbergers), then available. UN Agenda 2030 is “21 on steroids”. I learned the land use aspects were already in force across the world while engaged with my then home city’s council, and how they were affecting all decisions, in practical terms.
    Having long since read Bible prophecies, I could, in effect, look at both as if side by side, and see how they are talking about the same time frame. Today, over a decade later, I can see both unfolding, the desperation in Satan’s minions to get his plan in place, while Yhwh God’s plan unfolds faithfully, without human intervention, without that sense of urgency, but with determined deliberation.
    To all that, I say this: make sure you have your wicks trimmed, the oil for your lamps, and your wedding garments ready; be listening for that shout and shofar blast, for the bridegroom’s time is near, and you don’t want to miss that feast.

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