Christ’s Sheep have fled the Bergoglian Church of Wolves

And here is a prime example of one of those wolves:

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6 thoughts on “Christ’s Sheep have fled the Bergoglian Church of Wolves”

  1. Bishop Fabbro is the bishop of the Diocese I am in. Lord have mercy on him! May he repent and turn from his evil ways!

    1. Don’t go to Mass with those wearing masks. It is highly likely Bergoglio is mentioned in the sacrifice there.

  2. I left after I learned of the pachamama mass. That was my saturation point.

    I will return when Jesus comes and slaughters all his enemies as He promised in the Gospel.

    In the meanwhile, I will continue reading holy books, associating with other like minded Catholics, praying as I have always prayed. I should have never had anything to do with the post-conciliar harlot.

    1. After witnessing Anti-PopeBergoglio slap the oriental appearing woman in St. Peter’s Square, suspicion arose. Pachamama Demon worship sealed the deal. The Church under Bergoglio is NOT THE CHURSH OF JESUS CHRIST. There’s no way to return to any kind of organization led by the Judas Priests the Anti-Pope now fills the hierarchy with. Virtually every Bishop in the USCCB must be placed into retirement as they are heretics and apostate; almost all.

      1. What you say is true and common sense. We cannot imagine that St. John the Apostle spoke of a great apostasy, and reinterpret the word, “apostasy” as simply a confusion over who is the pope. It’s more than that. And every convinced Bergoglian makes it quite clear that reason, facts, law, and logic have nothing to do with his decision. It’s deeper than that. Even if Benedict XVI were to be restored, I really doubt the world powers would accept it. Though I am banking on the triumph of the Immaculate Heart to convert millions back to the Catholic Faith, and from what Padre Pio says, that will include more than the Christians of Russia.

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