On Cue, Alex Jones and Ye normalize Hitler admiration

LANGUAGE ALERT — Remember, there are a lot of religious fakers out there. First of all Bergoglio, who pretends to be Catholic, then Klaus Schwab, who also so pretends. So don’t be taken in by Ye or Alex Jones. If you admire Hitler, you are morally debased. The shell game being played here, is “say you admire the things a mass murderer has done, to justify you admire the man who did them”.

Youtube will not allow any videos which show the face of Ye on camera. Which is probably the reason he is now covering his face.

The comments on Hitler are not the only thing here: Ye is praising the device which is the chief instrument of Globalist influence, control and surveillance: the cellphone.

Nick Fuentes actually claims that Trump’s agenda is to put Christ first! Jones said that it was America’s intention to defeat Hitler. But Hitler was created by Skull and Bones, and protected by the US govt. to a large part with their influence.

Everyone on this show is a globalist controlled opposition influencer, though it is clear that they are not of the same lodge as the Rothschilds. Though, Ye does admit that he is part of a team which works with influencers like Nick Fuentes.

Ye’s role here is to cut off any possible growth of a Christian party in the USA, and to head that off by proposing himself as the founder of a Christian political movement, but one which admires Hitler.

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12 thoughts on “On Cue, Alex Jones and Ye normalize Hitler admiration”

  1. Alex Jones Dossier – controlled opposition extraordinaire


    Trump Dossier

    Controlled Opposition

    Catholic controlled opposition:
    Steve Bannon’s Italian monastery will train Catholic Gladiators under the guise of “Judeo-Christian” who will serve the Globalists agenda for a One World Religion of the New World Order.

    In 70 A.D. Christ’s condemnation of Jerusalem and the demise of the entire generation of those who chose to crucify Him came true in the Destruction of Jerusalem and of the Second Temple of Jerusalem and so the Old Testament was wiped off the face of the earth because without the priesthood and the Temple, there would no longer be the sacrifice of the blood of goats and bulls. This rare pastor says it best about the Destruction of Jerusalem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzD8tjw4R3c
    See also https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Store.aspx#!/The-Destruction-Of-Jerusalem-DVD-By-Dr-Chuck-Baldwin-NEW-PRODUCT/p/147743354/category=15986016
    See also https://www.bitchute.com/video/fswDzHEU49JT/

    The Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. was God’s final divorce from Israel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsQlW_JfTNw

    Chuck Baldwin has hundreds of on-going articles in his archive to substantiate his claim https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Links/NewsLinks.aspx?Category=Zionism

  2. I agree there are numerous false teachings floating about these days, just as prophesied, often claiming to be Christians, but I must disagree with you about what happened in 70 AD, with respect to the Jews and replacement. The Bible, all of it, is a single message; salvation by faith in the cross was looked foward to, by OT saints, and back upon by NT saints, but it was the SAME CROSS, the SAME shed Blood! The message never changed except in perspective. The NT is more akin to a codicil later added to a will, that did not alter the whole will. Neither is Yhwh God finished with the Children of Israel. The fact of the rebirth of Israel as a nation, and of aliyah, as the children of Israel go home are clear fulfillment of OT prophecies. They are Daniel’s “dry bones” returning to life. But Isaiah also foretold this. The majority of end times prophecies center in and around Jerusalem, in Israel, with the rest of the world as “also ran” cast.. Those prophecies are about the children of Israel, not the Gentiles, Christian or not. The “conrext” in which to understand anything in the Bible is the entirety of those scriptures, not any single portion of them; the scrptures are very clear about all this being about Israel. As Christians, we are privileged to share in the blessings promised (the wild olive branches grafted to the domestic tree), but we replace no one!

  3. Judaism’s Strange Gods (book by Michael A. Hoffman II ) proves that Judaism and Christianity are categorically opposed to each other https://archive.org/details/judaisms-strange-gods_202104 (FREE eBook)

    Hoffman’s book shows that Judaism’s God is not the God of Israel, that Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, but the strange gods of Talmud and Kabbalah.

    The Talmud Unmasked http://www.talmudunmasked.com/

    “Judeo-Christian” is the biggest LIE in the 2,000 years of Christianity! that seeks only to destroy the Roman Catholic Church and prepare for the Antichrist!


    Jerusalem and its entire inhabitants were wiped off the face of the earth in 70 A.D. to below its foundation as witnessed by Josephus in his volumes of books. The Destruction of Jerusalem summarizes his books https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzD8tjw4R3c

    1. While it is true that the Talmudic religion is opposed to the religion of the Old Testament and rejects a good number of the inspired books, in addition to reading the texts of the OT in a twisted manner, and while it is true that many of those who call themselves Jews today would not be considered sons of Abraham, Isaac or Jacob according to the Jews of the first century A. D., it is not true to say that all of the Judeans or Benjamites of old were exterminated. In fact, from the Letters of St. Paul and the other Apostles, we know that there were Jews living all over the Roman Empire and beyond, after the Resurrection of Christ, and even at Rome, as Tacitus tells us.

    2. Did you think it not possible for Judaism to be infiltrated, just as Christianity has been, by emmisaries of Satan. The Talmud, and those following it, are much like the apostate churches that support sins, and spread false gospels. Yhwh God always has a remnant among the children of Israel, who follow the Torah, the Law and Prophets, not the Talmud, just as some among those calling themselves Christians stand on, and follow, the scriptural pattern, not the false gospels. Among those true to Him will be the 12K from each tribe to be sealed by Him during the Tribulation (Time of Jacob’s Trouble). Remember, the Talmud is made up in large part by Rabbinic opinions, not the inspired Word.

      1. In ancient times, many of the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob fell away from keeping the Mosaic Law. But the concept of infiltration only applies when the thing to be infiltrated has come sort of uniform consistency. Modern Judaism does not. So I do not think the term applies. But the Rothschilds did push and invent, I am told, the multi branch concept of modern Judaism.

    1. I do not think this concept was invented, really, because in the New Testament, the unbelievers are called Judeans, and in Latin that word is Iudaei. Down through the centuries they used this name to identify themselves, and changed its pronunciation. But if any modern claim that it does not mean that one is a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they are correct, because it meant only a person from the region of Judea, who was called such because he had already broken with the Mosaic Covenant by rejecting Jesus Christ. So if there is anyone who wants to call himself a Jew today, they can do so, but they cannot pretend the word means a faithful keeper of the Mosaic Covenant.

      What confuses to many on this score is, that the Illuminati, controlled by the Rothschilds (who are not biblical Hebrews, but part Jew) have coined the term anti-semitic to defend their agenda. While the Skull and Bones Lodge has pushed hatred of the Jews and Fascism to make everyone think that they are all involved, to put pressure on the Rothschilds. The Pilgrim Society pushes Marxism, and alternates between supporting Rothschild interests and Skull and Bones interests.

  4. Don’t we forget that kanye west is a guy from the “music” industry, and is married to the influencer kim kardashian, whose all family exhibits everyhing of their stupid life (including the father transformed into a woman!) on stupid TV shows..
    Personnally I don’t care of those “people” who are considered as being the “new elite” of nowadays..with no culture, no education, no talent: poor icons of the reverse values! Inviting those kind of people instead of clever thinkers, is part of the collapse of our civilization.

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