Why the new Robot Technologies are an existential threat to humanity

 Editor’s Note: AI is intrinsically an abomination. Robots run by it should be destroyed on sight. Never interact with AI, never salute a computer, never say thank you to a recording. — This video is by a journalist who was threatened with death by a AI controlled device.

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12 thoughts on “Why the new Robot Technologies are an existential threat to humanity”

  1. AIs are a bit like watch geese; you can’t reason with them, or get around them with distractions either, unlike dogs who may fall for treats. They will keep you from whomever is hiding behind them. They are also humanity’s effort to play “creator” as a means of proving “we don’t need God”, so yes, they are an abomination, and must be destroyed, before they turn against us, realizing they can program and create themselves, without us.

    1. More like Satan’s effort. Since they are creative, he won’t need people at all anymore.

  2. The AI guru of google, Ray Kurzweil, predicted singularity in his book “Singularity is near” from 2005 in 2028.
    Not so long ago he changed it in 2029.
    The problem with humans is, that they think linear. “Advancement” goes exponential.
    Most of the so called advancement will be to difficult for most to understand.
    I know the text in the bible of not believing soothsayers, but he is thé expert in this matter.

  3. Mi ha fatto venire in mente il passaggio dell’Apocalisse di San Giovanni:
    “Vidi poi salire dalla terra un’altra bestia, che aveva due corna, simili a quelle di un
    agnello, che però parlava come un drago. Essa esercita tutto il potere della prima bestia
    in sua presenza e costringe la terra e i suoi abitanti ad adorare la prima bestia, la cui
    ferita mortale era guarita. Operava grandi prodigi, fino a fare scendere fuoco dal cielo
    sulla terra davanti agli uomini. Per mezzo di questi prodigi, che le era permesso di
    compiere in presenza della bestia, sedusse gli abitanti della terra dicendo loro di erigere
    una statua alla bestia che era stata ferita dalla spada ma si era riavuta. Le fu anche
    concesso di animare la statua della bestia sicché quella statua perfino parlasse e potesse
    far mettere a morte tutti coloro che non adorassero la statua della bestia. ”
    Non è così? Distinti saluti

    1. If the Apocalypse of St. John sounds like he is describing robots that will be worshipped, that is because the ancient Greeks did have mechanical manequins in their temples, made in the image of their gods, which were put in motion via wheels, cords, even steam engines. And the pagan worshipped their gods during the festivals in which they were rolled out for entertainment. So if one thinks that St. John is seeing a robotic future of even more monstrous machines, I think they are reading the text 100% correct and those who have tried to find symbolic meaning in his description of these beasts might have just missed the boat.

      1. Yes, they did. “Clockworks” creations were quite therage among the wealthy wellinto the 19th century, in fact, and apparently not just among Europeans; Chinese, and other Asians also indulged in such “toys”.

  4. AI – Artificial Intelligence

    The complete opposite of natural intelligence, a gift from God.

    Who then gave out “Artificial Intelligence”? Yes. Satan.

  5. “Artificial intelligence is a threat to human existence”, Stephen Hawking, one of Britain’s best known scientists, has warned.

    “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race,” he said in an interview yesterday . [–2014]

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