VATICAN: Anti-Pope confesses to being a Communist, says God is also one

Editor’s Note: If you attend mass in communion with “Pope Francis”, you are siding with the grossest kind of blasphemy ever uttered by any cleric in the history of the Church. This is why it is gravely offensive to the Divine Majesty that anyone attends any liturgical service where this creep is named as “the Pope”.

But do not let this recent blasphemy confuse you. Remember, that Marxism is an ideological invention of the Pilgrim Society of London, who supported Engels and Marx so as to ideologically control the workers whom industrialists exploited. So as a Freemason, what Bergoglio is doing is, first, confessing to be a Pilgrim Society follower, and second, attempting to divert attention from his agenda to destroy the Catholic Church by making people think he is an enemy of the rich and powerful who are pushing the Great Reset.

As for being a Freemason, the Vatican Security chief in Argentina admitted that in a recorded phone conversation, which FromRome.Info has reported here, and which news has been suppressed in nearly every other English language Catholic media outlet.

Indeed, the documentary evidence first published on the internet by, that the US Department of Defense has a plan to destroy the Catholic Church, and reported on extensively at OMC Radio TV, is that Bergoglio is the fulfillment of that plan. And that he is tasked with ideologically and morally destroying the Catholic Church from within. All who insist he is the pope, are being controlled or paid by the US Govt. or intermediary organizations controlled through NATO.

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17 thoughts on “VATICAN: Anti-Pope confesses to being a Communist, says God is also one”

  1. I can feel his leadership in how my confessor addresses me. It is not a subtle influence, at all. It is shaming and degrading. My parish priest is all in, and he targeted me to be all out so much that tonight I had to study the very meaning of confession to escape my priest’s attempt to brainwash me.

    God help us. It is very distracting.

    1. (Confession is an act of love, not a chance for a priest to tell me, “you are far from God.” That’s not even possible if he is there acting in Persona Christi and I am volunteering my contrite heart, right?) :/

      1. If you are contrite globally for anything that offends God whether you understand or accept it or not, no, they you are near God. But if you are contrite for all that you know offends God, then God is at your side waiting for you to ask His forgiveness through the Name of Jesus in Confession. But sometimes real contrition requires that we leave sinful situations, circumstances, relationships, and until we do, we cannot obtain absolution because we are like the person who wants a medical pack but is about to jump out of a plane without a parachute.

  2. The Church as an Institution and within each faithful is going to survive this homo-heretical apostate who worships Pachamama. Jesus Christ has a plan and he sure is showing all of the faithful, most of whom were clueless, EXACTLY who His enemies and ours are. Vivo Cristo Rey!

  3. Bergoglio grew up in JuanPéron’s Argentina, a mix of Naziism and Communism, but leaning more Communist in the ’50s. Is it any surprise he has openly returned to the beliefs of his childhood, really? Joining Freemasons and Jesuits… a toxic mix as well… as an adult, further cements him in the realm of anti-Christ.

    1. Juan Peron was a disgrace that fell upon Argentina and yet –to this day– there are traditional catholics that overlook the fact that Peron ordered the churches of Buenos Aires sacked and burned. Amazing as it seems, recently I saw a video of E. Michael Jones who, after spending some time with Catholics in Argentina, repeated the old legend that Peron implemented the social doctrine of the Church. The whole thing made me want to vomit. The man in fact practiced spiritism, publicly cohabitated with a woman not his wife, and had a 13 year old lover, just for starts. Truly, with Catholics like that it is a miracle that the Church lasted 2000 years. Obviously God is sustaining the Church in spite of us Catholics.

  4. Last night at my monthly 1st Fri Confession, I confessed my sins, and the priest told me to ” stop thinking so much about the bad things that happen to you from others, and concentrate on Gods love for you in allowing you to suffer with him for the sins of others…thus making you more like Jesus.”
    Btway, this was SSPX…

    1. Well we should not dwell on misfortunes we suffer from others. We should rather have a sober view of ourselves base do the memory of how we have caused Jesus Christ to be crucified on account of our own personal sins.

  5. As long as this situation continues and neither myself not the priest have any idea where the keys of St. Peter are … I will sincerely confess to Padre Pio. This is a “device” I made up to examine my conscience really but here EVERY PARISH has the pachamama plant and nearly every priest is either a leftist, a mason, or a homo (or all of the above). I do not ask my confessor to be perfect but I need him to be Catholic. No such thing around here. Padre Pio cannot give me absolution but I will have to live with that until I find a Catholic priest or perhaps Jesus Himself.

    Displays pachamama plant = pachamama priest and therefore that’s not my religion. If that guy is a confessor I might as well go to confession to an Anglican priest, at least those are Christian. Of course, that’s a hyperbole.

    1. I do know of a priest in union with Pope Benedict who a few times each year comes to your part of the country. Email me and when he comes next, I will let you know.

    2. Why can Padre Pio still give absolution?
      I sometimes go to confession with Padre Pio too.

      1. Padre Pio cannot give absolution any more, as he has passed from this life. But Christ Jesus always can.

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  7. She [Bella Dodd] said that of all the world’s religions, the Catholic Church was the only one feared by the Communists, for it was its only effective opponent.

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