VATICAN: Bishop of Zaragossa asks for rehabilitation of Anti-Pope Benedict XIII

Editor’s Note: You know the tenor of what’s up in the Vatican, when Rome Reports, which has always defended the illegal usurpation of the Papal Throne by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, publishes such a gushing report about the request to rehabilitate the anti-Pope Benedict XIII, calling him “Pope Benedict XIII” and not “AntiPope Benedict XIII“! — Maybe it has something to do with the fact, that, in their hearts, they know that Bergoglio is another antipope? Yeah, just maybe….

Pedro Luna is an anti-Saint for an anti-Church, because he was both an anti-Pope, and someone who lied his whole life to St. Vincent Ferrer to make him think the Anti-pope was the true Pope. That makes him an patron of both Bergoglio and his defenders who bark at Catholics and tell them to shut up and stop thinking Bendedict XVI may be the true pope.

The moral of the story, to be learned, here, from the history of the Church, is this: follow the law, as to who is the pope. Don’t even let a miracle worker who raises the dead or cursed men to stone, like St. Vincent Ferrer, tell you differently. Question the facts of history and the laws of the Church. There you will find your answer.

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8 thoughts on “VATICAN: Bishop of Zaragossa asks for rehabilitation of Anti-Pope Benedict XIII”

    1. What better in the Bergoglian pontificate than reabilitate not only an antipope, but someone who lied for nearly 40 years to a Saint to get him to follow the antipope!

      Luna, therefore, is the patron antiSaint of both Bergoglio and his traddie defenders…

      1. Hahaha! First raising the statues of demons from hell like Pachamama, Luther, Melanchthon, and antipope de Luna.

        They desecrated the image of Our Lady in Russia March 25, 2022 by reciting that “land in the sky” prayer, with the cardinals!

        Next is they drape the Vatican and the churches in red during this Christmas season and the Anti-Pope Bergoglio speaking “God is a Communist”, akin to the Pharisees badmouthing Jesus’ miracles being attributed to Beelzebul, prince of demons.

        This is really what they have started since February 22, 2022 at 02:22h. They are not turning back.

  1. That sounds more like the sort of “brain washing” for which communists are noted using against “dissidents” to their religion, than rehabilitation.

  2. As the ‘WICKED’ all over for all time. Evil justifies more evil even over time…And, not doubt those evil souls not in hell yet will be in the end. Guess Bergoglio will then KNOW for certain of JESUS CHRIST NOT BEING A ‘COMMUNIST’ MODELING DEIFICATION OF OLIGARCHICAL GOVT. WITH WEALTHY CABALISTS FOR CERTAIN.

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