Bergoglian Vatican about to totally screw up the concept of Apostolic Succession

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Rome Reports is a globalist news agency which has pushed every false narrative out of the Vatican since 2013. So it does not surprise that in their latest coverage they launch the next fake narrative: that of a growing movement of Canon Law Experts who want to resolve the problems of a sede vacante and impeded see in the Apostolic See.

First of all, there is no such movement. The fact that 20 scholars from Ecclesiastical institutions, when confronted with the evidence that Benedict XVI is the true and only pope, came together to attempt to wipe away from canon law all basis for any claim by Pope Benedict XVI responding to the request from the anti-pope in the Vatican to “reform” Canon Law, is called a “movement” is laughable.

But these canonists in their discussions showed that they are totally incompetent in canon law, as I have previously reported, here.

They are proposing as a solution to problems of a pope non being able to exercise the Petrine Ministry, which are based on the concept that the papal office is nothing more than a ministry, or that it is something under the power of the pope. If Bergoglio does enact their changes, however, it may be a good thing for his faction, because by removing a pope from power before he is dead, they will remove any theological claim that his successors will hold the Apostolic Succession.

Pope Benedict XVI, inasmuch as he has never renounced the Petrine Munus, remains the sole and unique vicar of Christ, Pope, Roman Pontiff and Bishop of Rome in our day. Until he renounces that or passes from this life, it is not licit that anyone else claim or exercise his office or ministry.

Long live Pope Benedict XVI!

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5 thoughts on “Bergoglian Vatican about to totally screw up the concept of Apostolic Succession”

  1. Does Canon Law permit retroactive or retrospective application?
    Perhaps you could also clarify the difference and which this appears to require to “apply” putatively to the case of Pope Benedict XVI?

    1. Bergoglio has no authority to change canon law, any more than a mafioso who took over the town government could alter the penal code.

  2. To the faithful, the schism is glaring in front of their eyes and have fled the wolves.

    To the fools and unwary, they have been swallowed whole… and will be given little time to repent. It is horrible that sinning against the Holy Spirit is widespread and even being promoted.

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