3 thoughts on “How to receive and donate untainted non GMO Human Blood”

  1. The problem is people’s blood today is 80% – 85% vaccinated so untainted blood is rare.

    The only thing is to keep your blood to yourself. You may not be sure if their needles are not laced with the mRNA.

    1. I would assume that if one needs to use a needle, they could soak it in alchohol to dissolve any toxins? What do the MDs and RNs here say about this?

  2. Due to the phenom of shedding, it is unlikely there will soon be any untainted blood. Maybe in the Amazonas, but not in so-called civilized places. If you think your blood is pure, donate to yourself and have it frozen. Advise loved ones to do the same if you think that help survive the Matrix.

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