6 thoughts on “NETHERLANDS: Globalist puppet regime to close more than 11000 farms, seize 3000”

  1. Communism is an economic system where the government owns everything. Now, if the government owns the entire food supply, they own everything else, because people need food to survive and will trade or do anything to get some.

  2. It is the same everywhere in Europe. They also have invented a risk with the poultry to kill millions of them.
    What is the only aim of this?
    That EU becomes a colony of USA’s cartels (food, “health”, insurances, banking). After all those shortages and firms closings, of course the USA will be the saviour, with their junk food spreading Europe. It’s already started with offensive openings of KFCs in the landscapes etc. And the relay first will be the german supermarkets like offensive lidl and aldi etc. Thanks to van der Leyen, Macron, and other agents.
    USA (deep state) has always been the worst ennemy of Europe. But thanks to Russia’s attack, of course the threat is again coming from the East. But we are not spread with bortsch, russian movies, russian music everywhere. We are spread with movies, burgers, rnb, rap etc. New slavery from uber or amazon are not russian. And “wokism” is not coming from a very influent university of Russia.
    Let’s experience how it feels to be a slave and a colonised. Then maybe we’ll have the desire of freedom again .

  3. History repeats. See also Egypt during the pre-Exodus famine, during Joseph’s time there, andwhat Egyptians did to reclaim food they’d been “taxed”.

  4. If you had blanked out the country’s name, I would have thought you were talking about Mugabe’s Zimbabwe., when the govt confuscated white owned farms and the people went hungry.

  5. The Black Horseman of the Apocalypse seems to refer to the shadow government causing famine and forcing to ration all grain and oil ( food and fuel ).

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