8 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI was a crusader against sexually abusive Clerics”

  1. Totally off the topic Brother but could you do a video on white and black magic as the Traditional priest( where I attend Mass in Ireland) thinks that white magic is harmless …. not to mention the fact that he hosted a magic show for parents and kids yesterday

    1. If he thinks white magic is harmless GET OUT OF HIS CHURCH IMMEDIATELY, as it must be presumed he is a satanist. There is no such thing as a moral difference between white and black magic, they are both forms of satanism. If your Bishop still has a drop of Catholicism in him, denounce this priest to him as someone who is involved in the occult. Prestidigitation is another thing, but it should not be presented to children because it can be the occasion to induct them into the occult. Priests who want to induct children into the occult should be presumed to be pedophiles. I do not know your priest, but what you are saying ARE BIG WARNING SIGNS.

    2. So far as I know, the Greek word for sorcery or witchcraft , pharmakeia has no descriptors or divisions in the Bible. It’s the same word from which we derive, in English, pharmacy and phamacopeia. There is no “black” or “white”, and the formulation of drugs (pharmaceuticals) is very like the formulating of potions used in the “magic” rituals. (They are probably about the same degree of safety too.) When doctors began relying on pharmaceuticals instead of natural remedies, a century or so back, the whole concept of medicine shifted from healing people to treating symptoms, and money, then acquisition of power, and more money. They too, have sold out to the “glitz” Satan offered. They no longer even recite the Hippocratic oath, or declare to “first do no harm”! And, indeed, many do considerable harm, these days: infanticides, “assisted suicides”, “transgender” surgeries, the death protocols for covid patients in hospitals, etc. This is not to say all have sold out, but far too many have done.

    3. The book of Apocalypse says those who practice magic go to hell forever, along with the faithless, the perverts, murderers, the practicing homosexuals, and spreader of lies.

  2. Pedophilia, like all the other sexual perversions, doesn’t just “suddenly” crop up when someone is in middle years ( 25-65years of age); there have been warning flags at least since puberty, if any were watching. We know Yhwh God calls sexual perversions not just sins, but abominations; He made that clear inHis Word. So my question, to all who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, but most especially to those in leadership positions, is this: HOW have you stood silently by, and allowed this abomination, in any form, into the body of Christ, let alone protected it when uncovered??? Do you think this is in any way pleasing to our Father or His Son??? Our Lord is a loving and merciful God, but He is also a RIGHTEOUS God. I, for one, cannot believe He is overlooking that horrendous abuse of children. If I believed that, I could not believe in Him, or salvation, at all!

    1. Sexual perversion and enclosed microsocieties have a way of cohabiting institutions. The Church once had a Holy Office of inquisition, but that was abolished in 1970s, because the crooks took over the Vatican during and after the Second Vatican Council with the help of the CIA, which bribed churchmen to promote them. This was part of the globalist long plan to take the Church down as a moral authority in the world.

      1. I do know about the inquisitions, I was not aware the office had been shut down entirely, that far back, although I can’t say I’m surprised. That was about when the incidences of pedophilia began to flourish to, if memory serves, so there is likely a connection. Might be time to bring that office, and exorcism, back ?

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