If you strike the Rock, it will recoil on your head

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6 thoughts on “If you strike the Rock, it will recoil on your head”

  1. Prof. de Mattei wrote a valuable work I recommend to everyone, “The Unwritten History of the 2nd Vatican Council” . It’s very strange that his mind is now so closed to exploring new ideas and facts; he seems a different person than the one who wrote this superb book.
    I am guessing that he took “the Vaxx” and its boosters. Like so many others who have done this, he mind seems now rigid and hostile.
    I pray for him. He was once a true seeker after historical truth, and now he seems an entirely different person, as happens with others I have seen get the vax and mentally “ossify” in their close-mindedness.
    I still recommend his monumental history of Vatican II, which took him 50 years to research — he interviewed many participants now dead, had access to letters, journals, and diaries so that we now know what the motives of various people where, from popes, to prelates, and periti; those who were open and honest, and others with nefarious agendas. He learned and reported what skulduggery went on after hours and in informal meetings. Had Archbishop Vigano (whom Prof has Mattei shamefully insulted and dismissed) been a historian, this is the book HE might well have written.
    This latest excoriation of Cionci and his careful work is typical of the person Mattei is now.
    The loss of Professor Mattei’s “former, analytical and nimble mind” is a tragedy and I shake my head and pray for him. He was once a great, openminded, and careful scholar.

    1. Those who choose the lie of “Pope Bergoglio” have their minds twisted.
      I for one saw priests threw into a fit of rage. Not one, not two, but three. Even our once-bishop dismissed this. I realized demons did enter them.

      I am praying for them too, because they have really turned into cashing in the parishioners that are sinking like a quicksand…

  2. I read somewhere that a foundation he set up or was associated with was funded by the CIA and that was why he was not dead ser against the vaccines. So it does not surprise me he ridicules the impeded sea thesis.

    1. It is highly likely that his Lepanto Institute is part of the Gladio network, as he came to Rome c. 1982 to publish his magazine Lepanto, pushing the guru of the TFP movement in Brazil, who claimed to be the Immaculate Conception reincarnate. It was on Feb. 2, 1983, that John Paul II, who collaborated closely with the CIA, raised Danneels to the dignity of the Cardinalate. Daneels chose the Church of St. Atanasis as his titular Church, in the geographic center of Rome, where the founder of the Masonic Lodge among the clergy is buried. Daneels then began to build the Mafia of St. Gallen, and launched that 10 years later. De Mattei told us nothing of this until after 2014, when he was one of the first to claim the Mafia did not rig the Conclave. Nothing is coincidence.

      He personally lives on parish property of the Diocese of Rome, and thus feels obligated to defend the Bergoglian anti-Church which is in control, at every step. He advocated the DeathVaxx too.

  3. As a side note, this is the reason why recognize and resist movement is very wrong, and also MASONIC.

    It is made to fool Catholics into worshipping Satan himself! They really think just because they are grouped together does not mean they are not in schism! They also fall into the same queue of Hell AS the group that think Bergoglio is another bad pope!

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