Russian Federation Forces are the real human traffickers

 Editor’s Note: But this won’t bother those brainwashed by Russian propaganda, as they look in some dusty magnesium mine for a level 5 biolab, which was built in total secrecy such that no one knew it ever existed, until the Russians needed a story to explain why they were bombing civilian housing. — Here is a memo to all the clueless idiots: there are no hidden level 5 biolabs. You cannot do biological warfare research at blood clinics. And Ukraine is not trafficking children. Even the criminal elements who do this in your country, are not doing it as much as the Russian Federation is doing it in the Ukraine. — As this year of 2022 comes to a close, I remind you all, that if you believe in lies, you will be damned eternally, even if they are political lies. Because to make a claim to justify the genocide of an entire Christian nation, and not even have facts to justify such a morally absurd abomination, merits in the sight of Jesus Christ, not just Hell, but a special kind of damnation, wherein streams of lava will flow out and into the mouths of such liars for all eternity, as the Saints teach, for liars.

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3 thoughts on “Russian Federation Forces are the real human traffickers”

  1. You only go to hell for telling lies, not believing lies.
    Vincent Ferrer believed in the legitimacy of an anti-pope, but he still got to be a saint.

    1. St. Vincent repented of what he had did, and did not believe the lie as a lie. But his failure to investigate the truth has already received God’s judgement, because no one remembers him anymore and having worked more miracles than dozens of saints combined, his spiritual posterity is meager.

  2. The Russian mafia have been heavily involved in human trafficking for a few decades; at least since the fall of the USSR, if not before among those dwelling outside their homeland. So their practice of it as a weapon against Ukraine now is little surprise.

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