Karol Wojtyla covered-up sexual abusers in Poland

Warning — This report is not for children’s ears. It’s utterly disgusting.

More Reports, which were overlooked in recent weeks, by all Catholic new sites:

And further:

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30 thoughts on “Karol Wojtyla covered-up sexual abusers in Poland”

  1. It’s very sad how many people have been led to believe that Pope JPII was a good Pope (me included).

    1. This report does not surprise me, because in 2002, the Boston Globe on line claimed to have a letter which showed that JP2 as pope told the Cardinal of Boston to move a pedophile to another parish without telling anyone he was a pedo. That letter disappeared and the Cardinal resigned a few days later. And we Catholics in Massachusetts openly speculated that the letter was returned on the condition that the Cardinal resign, in a quid pro quod arrangement to protect the reigning Pontiff. Now the truth is hitting the fan, and we need this in the Church to cleanse the Vatican. This will make it impossible for the next pope to defend the post conciliar reform and will show that Benedict XVI was the only one who really was fighting against corruption among a den of wolves.

  2. I haven ‘t the heart to read this, beyond the headline and comments. I protested early on when the “Subito Sancto” movement clamoured for swift canonisation of JP2. “What harm”, I said, ” is it to wait the space of a generation to investigate his life? Why did we get rid of “the Devil’s Advocate”? What scandals may this prudent pause prevent if something embarrassing or nefarious emerge after a hasty canonisation?” I was called a bureaucratic muddy-duddy, a title I gladly embrace if it means prudence in investigating the sanctity of our proposed saints. Granted, JP2 was granted authentic miracles. But what about other hasty saints, especially Pope Paul VI?! I am unconvinced that he had a “cultus” of people who eagerly sought his intercession after his death, which I thought a witness dubious, tragic and pitiful, not strong and steadfast in faith. I have seen no detailed analysis of the miracles which attested his sanity, so forgive my unease. and apologies to any who sincerely revere his sanctity and seek his intercession. —

    1. The Subito Santo movement was an orchestrated event. Nato was behind it, because JP2 was their man who allowed the Vatican Bank be a slush fund for CIA money for secret ops in Eastern Europe. I met a woman who was a top leader in the Charismatic Movement in Italy who told me that there was a network planning the Santo Subito movement before hand by all the groups which wanted JP2 canonized so as to approve their movements in the Church, movements designed to destroy the Church from within, like her own.

  3. That goes hand in hand with Theodore McCarrick influence in the Vatican through money coming from sources in the US. Follow the Uncle Ted money. He was corrupting Church institutions left and right. Wherever he appeared, the homo-flowers bloomed. These things will play a rôle in the coming persecution of the Church: a world that is rapidly sexualizing children will act very self righteous as they accuse the Church of the same sins they themselves foster and practice.

    Mark my words.

    1. I am now convinced that all the canonizations under John Paul II are bunk, and need to be re-investigated.

      1. Absolutely! Perhaps Pope Benedict might have second thoughts on whether to declare John Paul’s canonization invalid. It seems as though a huge push is on to canonize all of the post-conciliar pontiffs.

      2. Didn’t he canonized the most number of saints more than all popes combined? How do you suggest all the canonizations he made be re-investigated? In chronological order? or in the Top 10 most famous saints and most controversial saints he canonized?

      3. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, very dubious facts for canonization, in which a miracle was claimed, which was discounted by 8 medical experts.

      4. This includes Escriva. It was indeed a bunk.
        This is why no one calls on Escriva’s intercession. Well maybe, except Modernists.

  4. “Lord, to whom shall we go?” That question has been on repeat in my head for at least 30 years.

    This exposure of JPII is sure to tip the scales for U.S.Catholics teetering on side of leaving The Church because of everything McCarrick, Mahoney, Law, Bernadine, and Bergoglio. I am sure there are others I just don’t know about.

    I truly appreciate all of the information you give out to wake up Catholics; and I’ve been seriously bracing myself for years (since the Cardinal Law scandal) to be ready for this one.

    What’s a 60-something, red-pilled, eyes wide open, faithful Catholic woman to do? Becoming a hermit, as you suggest in your videos, might not be a realistic option for me.

    God bless and protect you, Br Alexis.

    1. Hold fast to Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The fake Catholics of our age will be exposed by the Holy Spirit one by one, as He cleans up the Church. Now I understand why when the Funeral Mass of JP2 was about to begin, and the Cardinals entered the square of St Peter, a strong wind kicked up and blew their chausables and hats off, all except for Cardinal Ratzinger.

      1. Pray the Rosary daily ….or many of us in this day in age this is our soul saver!

    2. Good thing Pope John Paul II made a good confession and was given God’s Mercy before death!

  5. “Lord, to whom shall we go?”

    I was also thinking exactly this as I was reading all this mess.

    Thank you, Br. Bugnolo for your words.

  6. Sunday 1 May 2011 at Saint Peter’s Square, the Beatification of Pope John Paul II was held.
    This Beatification Ceremony is presided over by Pope Benedict XVI:
    The Homily of the Papal Mass at this Beatification Ceremony is given by Pope Benedict XVI:
    Wednesday 25 November 1981, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is appointed Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He holds this office till 2005.
    Does one think that Pope John Paul II knew Pope Benedict XVI pretty well, and visa versa? And if they did known each other pretty well, then why did Pope Benedict XVI make Pope John Paul II a blessed? If Pope John Paul II was bad, then why did Pope Benedict XVI give the sign of approval at the completion of the beatification process? And why did the latter go ahead and officially declare the former a blessed before the whole world in the first place?

  7. “By their fruits you shall know them” and that comes from Jesus Himself.

    This explains so many things: Assisi, the kissing of the Koran, and so many other odd things we chose to overlook out of sheer love because the man was lovable and kind.

    Goodbye, Malek.

  8. As a polish woman, I want to say this – Stanisław Obirek is an EX -jesuit, who translated for this Duch journalist. If somebody would like to have an honest opinion of historical events – you do not use your EX – to ask for a judgement. This is at least big blunder. I read in Polish that letter and it is full of mercy and hope for a change of life for this accused priest, who already has been criminally charged by Polish Communist Court and convicted. There is not any cover-up here!!! The guilt is stated in that letter and JPII/ Wojtyła didn’t made this decision in arbitrary way – other canonists and theologian concluded this based on the present-day Canonical Law. For sure I know this, destroying the moral authority of JPII in Poland is a dream of UE and other globalists, who want their WOKE ideology implemented in Poland… and they can not. The Catholic Church there with JPII as a spiritual leader is one of the main obstacle to that – so now is another rushed judgement to just cancel JPII without thinking of long lasting consequences. You do not establish the TRUTH by the hand of one western journalist and EX-jesuit collaborator from Poland…

    1. Anyone with a drop of respect for God and the flock entrusted to them, would sooner have his right hand cut-off, that let a sexual predator remain a priest and let him loose again among the lambs. I personally believe every Bishop who has done this and has not corrected the matter is without a doubt burning in Hell. And I cannot imagine a God Redeemer like Jesus would have any other opinion, because He Himself said, “Better that a man have a millstone tied around his neck and be cast into the sea, than HE SCANDALISE THE LEAST OF THESE LITTLE ONES!” — And for those who don’t see it: raping a child is far worse than merely scandalizing them. And raping them while being a priest or religious, makes the punishment all the worse, because in that way one is denigrating the Priesthood of Christ, or the Evangelical Life of Perfection taught and lived by Christ.

  9. Br. Bugnolo, with all due respect I believe we are on the same side, however when you publish things like this, I have no other choice but to respond for the first time on any website.
    John Paul II is the holiest man to live in your lifetime. How many hours of adoration, rosaries, writings, encyclicals and traveling the four corners of the earth to evangelize. He implemented the luminous mysteries, divine mercy Sunday. He died on divine mercy Sunday. Maybe you think that is bunk. He suffered more than any of us today by being under the regime of the nazis and communists and he forgave them!! Please do not deceive your readers, your site is too good for that. He was constantly around communists in Poland who accused priests of being pedophiles. The guy absolutely invoked more vocations then anyone else. To believe he is not a saint and to believe some individual who claims of covering up abuse is like believing 2+2=5. The man is greatness and you should be praying for his intervention.

    1. I actually am not convinced by your argument, probably because I have lived in monasteries with men who were far more apparently holy, devout, and faithful, but who were in fact vicious sexual predators.

  10. What were the wrong things that Mother Teresa of Calcutta did that disqualify her from being a saint?

    And also Josemaria Escriva?

    1. Mother Teresa publicly said that her mission was to make Christians better Christians, Muslims better Muslims, Hindus better Hindus, Buddishts better Buddishts. She also forced her nuns to receive the most Blessed Sacrament in the hands, and did not take swift action to defend her nuns from priests with problems. She also had no idea Vatican II was wrong, which, if you are a friend of God, you could not fail not to see in the light of grace.

      Escriva began his priesthood by living 7 or 8 years with a sodomite in his rectory and showering every morning, which in that age, was considered as a sign of you know what. He later said it was the biggest mistake of his life. But in the last year of his life he still threatened laywomen who worked for him with being spanked. Then he submitted false papers to claim a noble title which belonged to a Christian family, and not to his jewish ancestors. His aphorisms on spirituality sound wonderful, but when you think about them, they contain gross errors on spirituality.

      1. Escriva also visited Lucia in Tuy ,Portugal when she was a Dorothean nun there having lived happily in the Order for 23 years.
        Escriva’s secretary of many years
        ( Carmen del Tapia ), wrote about that time that when Escriva returned he referred to Lucia as ,”A good but silly nun” adding that the women in Opus Dei should never be like them. In his own book ( Opus Dei in his Own Words) said of that meeting that Lucia said the Blessed Mother wanted him to open the first Opus Dei House outside of Spain in Coimbria,Portugal. He also said that Lucia promised to take care of all the paperwork. this was very out of character for a semi literate “happy” nun in an Order for 23 years .Lucia herself stated she could ,”…….shop with the other Dorothean nuns “and “NO ONE recognized her.”
        Then we were told the obvious untruth that Lucia went to a cloister in Coimbria because she was being hounded by the public.
        Escriva had much to do with tis because after the last nun they claimed was Lucia died, Mother Celine the superior in an AP interview said all the nuns in her belonged to Opus Dei.

  11. Potremmo considerare Padre Amorth come vero Santo che ha combattuto il demonio.. Il suo Spirito sarà stato abbastanza forte e puro per tale ministero

  12. Yes, 100% destroying the innocence of child while representing Jesus Himself is one of the worst sin possible on this planet ! And yes, in my human opinion this sin is worthy of Hell… but I am not the Judge.

    My question is – what about repentance? What about: “Go and sin no more?” Does the pedophile deserve repentance? What if priest-pedophile asked to repent and change his life?

    Honestly, I think that initially these cases were treated with great naivety and trust from the authorities in the church. Only when it was proven… over time, that many pedophiles are repeating their sin from hell – then they realized, that this is much more than just a sin…

    I remember this kind of case from my youth years – the bishops HAD ZERO INFORMATIONS / DIRECTIVES HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM… It was such a shame even to speak about them, that these bishops made the worst possible decisions about these pedophiles – moving them around and hoping for the best… And they did it in the name of protecting the CHURCH!!! They completely missed the boat… But do they really wanted to sweep these cases under the rug?

    In the communist era a priest -pedophile was a greatest gift the communists could get to attack even more and destroy the church…

    There is ZERO tolerance for pedophilia! These men never suppose to be priests, but I do not think we know all about what was going on. My question is: WHY THE CHURCH DIDN’T HAVE A CLEAR POLICY THEN – ABOUT THESE CASES AFTER 2000 YEARS OF EXISTENCE? There were definitely many cases of priest pedophiles in the past… What went wrong? Why in XXI century we have to deal with this? Something is not right…

    1. Saint John Bosco had even less scientific knowledge about pedophilia. But illumined by God, since to the friends of God all things necessary for salvation are made known, he saw in vision one of his Salesians in Spain who was a pedo, and wrote to the superior to remove him immediately from proximity to boys. The superior thought Bosco was nuts and did not act. So the Saint wrote him again and told him he would be damned to hell along with this man if he did not act immediately. Finally, the Saint bilocated to Spain and threatened the superior to act. And it was done.

      So to say, well Wojtyla lived in an age in which no one understood the dangers, I say: that is precisely proof he should never have been canonized, because a Saint knows things even men do not.

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