UK: Oxford to lock down residents as of 2024 to save the Climate

They loved how everyone complied with lockdowns, so now they want to ease everyone back into it FOREVER.

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7 thoughts on “UK: Oxford to lock down residents as of 2024 to save the Climate”

  1. “The re-thinking of cities to facilitate walkability and cycling would, in turn, inspire the creation of parks, squares and public places within neighborhoods,…”

    During the last 2 years in my city, they have been rapidly installing sidewalks and bike lanes all over the city. While it seems biker and walker friendly, we know what the ultimate goal is.

    I’m sure this pilot in Oxford will prove wildly successful and then be implemented for all of us.

    1. Yes, they started that in Rome too during the scamdemic. It was bizarre. Now all becomes clear….

      At Rome they are beginning this same scheem differently. 4 days every winter they do not allow any cars to enter the city, during a 3-5 hour period, usually on a weekend morning. Obviously this has no effect on the environment or climate, but it does have a massive effect on human conditioning. They are cooking frogs…

  2. 2020-2022 was “breaking the mules to harness” of obedience.
    2023 is the transition year to enforcing that obedience via technology; 2024-2028 will be “putting the harnessed mules to work” building back better, and dismantling the institutional Church so that it melds with the new religion of Nature and climate change, Pachamama and the return of the “great god Pan,” — with Chrislam thrown into the mix as well.

    In 2029 things will come to a head: we can pray that God will directly intervene in our violent era of history to smite with a rain of fire (astroid? comet? nuclear strike?) the Globalist “Neo-tower of Babel” to rubble, — followed by the promised Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    Somehow I do not think God will allow the smug NWO their planned triumph of “Agenda 2030.”

  3. Wouldn’t be second-guessing God as God always does what evil lease expects, doesn’t He? The Christian World has abandoned God and nothing surprises in knowing what God will allow His people to suffer for choosing Idolatry of all kinds. Thou shalt have no God before me…Society, self, other humans, Govt., Money, Power; for God it’s all the same thing.

  4. When are these knot headsgoing to get that only God can impact climate; we humans haven’t that power??? We can impact local weather only. If they want to impact climate, they need to shut down all the volcanoes going off…

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