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    1. Precisely! In the US, our recent (past 60 or so yrs) crops of politicians did NOT pay attention to the lessons of Europe’s history, or our own Barbary Coast wars, and keep telling us the lie that Islam is an “Abrahamic religion” ( Ishmael was Abraham’s son, as were the sons borne by Keturah, but never followed his father’s faith or beliefs, if the Biblical accounts are to be believed. Beyond that, according to Muhammad’s account of how he came to found Islam, allegedly the”angel Gabriel” came to him in a cave, beat the crap out of him, then instructed him what to teach. Yet in EVERY Biblical account of an human encounter with Gabriel, as the messenger of Abraham’s God, including Abraham’s own accounts of such encounters, Gabriel’s first words are “Fear not, I bring you good tidings,” then he proceeds with delivering the message; no violence involved. On the other hand, “Allah”, earlier in history spelled “Alla”, was the moon deity of Ur, from whose worship Abraham was called away by Yhwh, and in his earliest days was known to be a deity of war and violence. By the character descriptions of Allah, found in the Muslims’ own sacred texts, when compared side by side with the character descriptions of Yhwh found in the Bible, the two are polar opposites, not the same deity at all. In fact, descriptions of a person matching those of Allah, are to be found in the Bible, attributed to the person of Lucifer (aka Satan). To even the most casual observer, the teachings and practices of members of each group are also not the same; those following Allah practice war and violence even as a way to “celebrate” their “holy days”; Christians, and Jews do so by solemn assemblies, or feasting.

      I present this for information, so that each reader may form his own opinions. The history will speak for itself, spread over several centuries in Europe and the first 25-30 years of US history.

    Predicted in the XXXth sura of the Holy Quran.
    (HALF of Christian soldiers killed by ABORTION)

    Predicted by a drawing in Vaticinia Nostradamus…

    The current CIVIL WAR IN CHRISTIANITY (aka the
    war of the satanist BIDET and the hebrew-puppet Z.)
    will make Christianity weaker, maybe because the
    reciprocal destruction of military bases by nukes.


      1. The Southern Cross is a constellation that, like the Big Dipper (Ursa Major), remains fixed, so it can be used for navigation in the southern hemisphere.
        I think I would not put that much stock in prophecies from Satan, however; he is not omnicient. Neither was Nostradamus, a false prophet by Biblical standards.

        Yes,there will be a war involving nukes, both Zechariah and John tell us that; but the the only specific mention of their targets is Israel.
        Whether or not Rome is to be conquered specifically, is only mentioned in prophecies from Biblically questionable, at best, sources, but the ONLY “Liberator” named, with respect to what’s now shaping up to happen, is Jesus Christ, Himself, immediately following His return, starting at Har Megiddo in Israel.

  2. They need to be kicked out of Europe asap.
    It’s disgusting to watch these ungrateful ones, who got everything they needed when they arrived in EU, as a thanks destroy every Christian nation with the help of the atheists and champagne socialists, liberal morons, without any pride for their own cultures and countries.
    Let not the Holy Crusaders work hundreds of years ago be in complete vain..
    I am really sick of watching Europe falling apart and becoming a garbage dump.
    I left Sweden years ago, as it’s already gone to far, and some areas are off limits unless you are Somalian or Arab.
    Swedish government, and politicians, are spineless and pathetic morons. They all support WEF and Agenda 2030.
    They are to stupid to even realise that there will be no real Sweden left once they are done..
    What happened to capable and tough people that got things done?

    1. I see you learned your history; good for you. The people, of whom you inquire, are elderly, and dying off, now. They were my grandparents’, and parents’ generations, and some of my own, but I’m well into my 8th decade now. Those under 60, at least in the US, fell prey to the propagandist brainwashing euphemistically called “public education”. They have no understanding, because all they “learned” are lies; it had already begun when I was a student in public schools. I was “gifted” ( or cursed, not sure which) with a “nosy” mind, and got educated after I completed formal schooling, in many fields, including history, and religions.
      DeToqueville could have told you why the younger generations, here in the US, but also Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, are failing to stand in the face of this invasion and destruction: they have, as nations and peoples, collectively and in many cases individually as well, abandoned Yhwh God, the source of our strength, as nations and as human beings. Instead, they rely on false “science”, and their own strength, neither of which is sufficient unto the need.
      We have “no go” areas in some of our urban centers in the US, too, and the UK is also littered with them, as France, too, appears to be, although I have not seen confirmation of that from France, as I have from the UK and Sweden.
      But don’t despair; all this was long since foretold, as was its outcome. This is only temporary; it will end, and that, I truly believe, in the “foreseeable” future. “Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh!”

  3. Yhwh … righto …. except the Gnostics weren’t down with Yhwh … they claimed Yhwh was just the head of the dreaded powers and principalities spoken of and that something more transcendent lies beyond This entity, but then again, the gnostics were forced to shut up and bury their libraries in the desert (until found at Nag Hammadi in the early 70s) to escape prosecution for lack of free speech … that pesky little problem that keeps stalking humanity. Oy vey!

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