Il Codice Bergoglio — Mauro Biglino, Andrea Cionci, Gian Matteo Corrias

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4 thoughts on “Il Codice Bergoglio — Mauro Biglino, Andrea Cionci, Gian Matteo Corrias”

  1. Hi brother Alexis,
    I follow very carefully your journal on a daily basis since 2020; it’s helped me a lot to increase my discerning of recent events putting them into the right spiritual and prophetic perspective.
    I’m Italian now living in UK, and I consider myself a follower of Jesus Christ.
    This is the first time that I comment on your website. I’m the kind of person that listen one hundred times and speak one.
    I’m informed about what’s going on in the Vatican and the situation with a pope and an antipope. I know Andrea Cionci and the good investigative work he does..
    The content of the video is interesting, Mauro Biglino here is just the interviewer, but I’d like to know what you think about him and his work.

    Thanks. God bless

    1. I know nothing about Biglino, because I do not read theology in Italian, nor any modern scripture scholars, who nearly all get it wrong.

  2. Ok.
    Be careful of any material that comes from him.
    He’s an ancient hebrew translator who apparently worked at a Bible translation for the Vatican in the past.
    He openly states that Elohim (plural) refers to advanced aliens who came to earth and engineered mankind. He also “preaches” that Jesus didn’t die on the cross but he was taken down still alive by agents of the elohim.
    Of course, according to him these powerful aliens will soon come back to earth.
    Biglino has recently received credit by Rai1 and he appeared on a TV show on UFO.
    He’s a dangerous deceiver and I didn’t get why he made that interview and why Cionci accepted to speak on his youtube channel.

    1. No Catholic scholars will touch the B16 question. Cionci allows himself to be interviewed by B to publicly shame them for their irrational, historical intransigence…

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