In the USA, there is a push to promote Nick Fuentes as a “trad Catholic”, yeah…

Here is the new “trad Catholic” icon being pushed by “Conservatives” in the USA

Nick Fuentes is the short guy…

UPDATE: Pay attention to which media outlets join in the push of this alt-Right substitution for Catholicism. …

And remember, that Alt-Right means first of all, “gay” and second, “Russian cultural operative” to take down Western society. Do these guys really hate the Catholic Church. You can bet on it!

BTW, when they laud one another for being the “most talented”, the code-language is out in the open.

UPDATE: Yes, the entire Skull and Bones choir is singing the praises of Nick Fuentes. It seems that the anti-semitism of that Lodge is the key narrative they want to push in their struggle with the Illuminati (controlled by Rothschilds). Trump invited him to dinner. It is clear that Nick is being pushed for high office in the GOP as a Hispanic version of Adolf, perhaps. And it looks like the liberals and the US “Catholic” Bishops are going to respond by doubling down on the persecution of anything “anti-semitic”.

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  1. Thanks for that..he has a channel on the web and I watched one of his videos for the first time..I was skeptical so I looked at the comments and one said that he was j faggot..

  2. I guess I don’t understand what this is.
    I forced myself to watch the whole thing waiting for the point.
    I came up empty handed.

    1. That’s because you are not a man. For us men, from frame one to frame last, it shouts, “We are both flaming gay”…

  3. Nick Fuentes does not claim to be a theologian but he is a 24-year old cradle Catholic from a suburb of Chicago who voluntarily dropped out of Boston College. He can talk monologues for hours and has successfully debated other famous much older famous pundits. He openly criticizes Ben Shapiro and the TPUSA. He has an annual AFPAC to offset AIPAC. His show and movement is called “America First” meaning “Not Israel First” and he openly questions why Congress gives 10 BILLION dollars each year to Israel with such a tiny population and land mass and therefore he is condemned as antisemitic by the ADL.

    He is the most persecuted American with all his YouTube videos taken down, his Facebook and Twitter and PayPal accounts cancelled, his bank account frozen and seized, and he receives constant death threats. He is forbidden to fly on airplanes and therefore he has to travel by land to go to another state. All because of his show and radical ideas in defence of America First and his support for Trump . He openly criticizes the unlimited influx and invasion of foreigners and he defends the homeless and struggling Americans. He tries to promote Catholic teachings and Catholic feastdays.

    During the 2020 election, he went to key states’ capitols to protest the massive election fraud hiring bodyguards to protect him. He puts himself on the front line each night due to his show defending America First while openly exposing corrupt politicians and their corrupt policies.

    He had to start his own Internet network from scratch (like you did with Cross Azure) and he took in other pundits who were also cancelled by Tech giants and the Globalists, see Cozy.TV

    During the Christmas season, he has a nativity creche on his nightly show that was given by his Catholic grandmother which is much nicer and more “traditional” than the despicable Modernist creche of false-Pope Francis at St. Peter’s Square. He openly challenges corrupt American politicians like no other American pundit is doing or can do and he puts himself on the front line each night at such a young age.

    Watch the Stream of the OFFICIAL America First documentary, “The Most Cancelled Man in America,” on MyMovies Plus: (FREE for a limited time.)

    1. I would say he is the most globalist masonic promoted cancelled man on earth….. When they really hate you, they ignore you completely, because they cannnot speak of anything without orders from on high…

      1. Bishop Gracida, Archbishop Lenga, Pope Benedict XVI and those in communion with him… and nearly all of my readers, I think…..

    2. M…

      Surely you are not defending this young “man”?
      His language and behavior alone are not Catholic.

      1. He holds a big traditional crucifix and a rosary and chants “Christ is King” in every rally he organizes and he promotes pro-life Catholic teachings and Catholic feastdays. What is not Catholic about these? These Catholic actions alone burn charcoal on the Globalists’ heads who forbid these words and articles to be shown in public! He openly challenges the 10 BILLION dollars given to Israel every year and says that these American taxpayers money should go to feed and house the American homeless people on the streets and to rebuild the failing infrastructures in American cities. What is not Catholic about these?

        Do you know of any Catholic pundits who do all these things openly and thus put their life on the front line? It is a very easy and simple thing to have a website and cite tweets and news clippings here and there and post short videos from the safety of one’s laptop. But he openly goes out there in the streets and gathers young men his age to be involved in saving America before it is swallowed up by unlimited illegal immigrant invaders compared to someone sitting behind the comfort of a laptop screen hidden in the safety of one’s bedroom.

        He uses his God-given talent of elucidating current political issues to make America First again and he openly challenges corrupt politicians for 2 to 3 hours every night in his nightly show in Cozy.TV

        He has already addressed this video several times in response to his audience questions about it. His life is an open book and his every move is being watched and filmed and monitored because he has many enemies who want to see his downfall.

        You ‘ll have to watch his show and listen to him to judge for yourself whether he is a sincere Catholic or is a mere Masonic tool. He is only 24 years old but he is not a young Justin Bieber who is a mere puppet performer of Masonic song scripts with no originality. He is spontaneous and extemporaneous without any prepared scripts and he welcomes everyone’s open questions every night. Go ahead, challenge him openly during his show and he’ll be glad to respond to you in a transparent way. You can ask him whatever personal questions you want and he’ll answer it openly in front of tens of thousands of his nightly viewers. Judge for yourself and do not take my word for it. He is more transparent than Michael Matt and John-Henry Westen who are skilful in covering-up their controlled-opposition networks because they are being paid by their hidden handlers. See

        “It is not those who commit the least faults
        who are most holy
        but those, who have the greatest courage,
        the greatest generosity,
        the greatest love.”

        St Francis de Sales (1567-1622)
        Doctor of the Church

    3. Most of his associates including Milo and Kanye are masons and EGI (elite gender inversion) so looking to Fuentes for anything other than misdirection and betrayal is fruitless. Stop running after false media darling heroes and focus on Jesus. Part of Fuentes’ role is to tarnish actual traditional Catholics so they can be arrested and persecuted by the state.

  4. I was thinking “traditional Catholic, in the model of the Mafiosi”. I’m sorry, but my understanding of the Word does not allow those not just living openly a life of sin, but flaunting it, unrepentant, (no, going to confession Saturday and mass on Sunday then right back to the same sin lifestyle doesn’t count as repentant) to claim the title “Christian”. Repentance requires genuine remorse for one’s sins, and an one eighty about-face then walking away from them. Yes, we all still have the sin nature, and may slip, but repent that and walk away from it again; don’t keep wallowing in it, flaunting it, and try to convince me Jesus has redeemed you. That simply isn’t the Biblical picture of redemption. He did not shed His blood for any of us to claim redemption, while spitting in His face!

  5. Nick Fuentes is actually not a special case, but a mascot.

    There are hundreds of them out there, and there is one thing in common with them: they launch/move/circle around as a pack of wolves on a little boy, sometimes with their parents.

  6. I am horrified on what these two will be doing off-the camera.

    Calling it a “trad Catholic” would merit God’s seething wrath.

  7. The luciferians caught on long ago, and especially with BXVI’s freeing of the Latin Mass, that trad Catholicism is not going away, so they, like they always do, choose the leaders for us. “Many will come in my name.”
    For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears:

  8. Here is a wonderful example of vicious godless Alt-Right gaslighting. And the cherry on top, is that the comment comes from Canada, not the USA!

    1. I had records of burning of Catholic Churches in Canada this year. It won’t be forgotten and Canada will suffer God’s Wrath for it.

  9. Part one of The Grayzone’s investigation into Nick Fuentes.
    Is Nick Fuentes the future of America First, or its kiss of death?
    Fuentes has claimed credit for destroying the congressional candidacy of Joe Kent, a Trump ally and national security state critic, while vying to ruin the reputations of America First leaders like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.
    February 13, 2023

    Part two of The Grayzone’s investigation into Nick Fuentes
    From the ‘Groyper Wars’ to ‘America First’: Nick Fuentes becomes a ‘somebody’
    February 16, 2023

    Self-described Christian reactionary livestreamer Nick Fuentes led his “Groyper Army” into a war against the conservative movement’s most prominent figures, including TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk and podcaster Ben Shapiro.
    Fuentes blasted conservative rivals as too pro-gay, pro-immigrant, and pro-Israel to champion the ideals of “America First.” Between 2020 and 2023, he hosted a rival “America First” conference (AFPAC) to compete with the annual CPAC confab of the conservative establishment.

    Part three of The Grayzone’s investigation into Nick Fuentes.
    How Nick Fuentes dashed Joe Kent’s congressional hopes, delighting Democrats
    February 17, 2023
    After tarnishing Kent’s reputation from the perspective of liberal voters by slapping him with his toxic endorsement, Fuentes worked to undermine MAGA support for the candidate by labeling him a CIA plant. Fuentes launched a website dedicated to smearing Kent that was even boosted by The New York Times.

    1. Alex Jones would never allow an uncontrolled opposition to criticize him to his face on his own show. Think about it. A lot of powers want Nick to be the leader in the next generation.

  10. Can you be more specific and point out what are the things that Nick Fuentes is saying that makes him controlled-opposition?

    In this video, especially at about 19.30 he tells off Alex Jones that it is not the WEF or the Bilderberg et al who are calling the shots but it is the Jews who have the ultimate power. I lost count how many times he mentioned the word “Jews”. Have you heard any of the famous Catholic pundits like Taylor Marshall, John-Henry Westen of LifeSite News or Michael Matt who never DARE to mention “the Jews” even once?

    If you say that Nick Fuentes — who says that he wants an America First that is a white Christian nation where Christ is King and that he repeatedly blame the Jews and that they are evil because they are anti-Christs …….– what does that make you? and what type of controlled-opposition are you??? since you do NOT dare to mention the Jews at all????

    I hope that you will openly reply to this comment.

    1. The Rothschilds are not jews by any definition, but they control the entire globalist agenda. So Fuentes by blaming the Jews is doing the Skull and Bones misinformation trick to protect the Rothschilds. This shows he is a limited hang out.

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