Incredible! – Traddies now are blaming one another, so as to excuse Bergoglio

Editor’s Note: Save this screenshot for the history books. New Catholic at Rorate Caeli, just said that dumping a pagan idol into the Tiber was a grift stunt. — That it was not. But it should rather have been burnt. — Anyhow, this is jealousy and rage turned up beyond Farenheit 451. It is so much easier, canonical, traditional and Catholic, not to mention charitable, to recognize Pope Benedict XVI never abdicated and that Traditionis Custodes has no more legal force than a dried fig imported from Turkey by the Italian Mafia. — New Catholic is like the man who has decided to lock himself up in a cage with a beast and is now blaming Marshall, who is also in the cage, of getting the beast angry. — It’s psychotic masochism.


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2 thoughts on “Incredible! – Traddies now are blaming one another, so as to excuse Bergoglio”

  1. I may just be overly hopeful, but I get the feeling that eventually Marshall will come to believe that Benedict is Pope. Already he isn’t as opposed to it as others and is at least willing to talk about it in a serious way rather than with immediate dismissal and mockery. That in itself seems a good sign to me. Not sure what it will take, but whenever it is openly declared that Benedict is Pope, whether at his death when his “testament” is made public or maybe sometime before the Pope’s death, i expect him to recognize the truth.

    Let’s pray that I not be mistaken.

    1. I pray that happens because by being with the antipope you have in fact left the Catholic Church.

      Thousands are dying today in schism and of course Hell is swallowing them whole.

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