2 thoughts on “New Study shows that Sudden Death Syndrome is tied to DeathVaxxing”

  1. Well, “common sense” shows us the sudden deaths of previously healthy young adults began not long after the initiation of the covid jabs, and no other common denominator exists to explain this sudden uptick, sooo…
    It’s a lot like how the incidence of autism, which the CDC, and WHO, still insist have no connection, increased as the number of early childhood vaccines did. Now, I admit I never did any kind of scientific survey on this, but as an RN trained to observe such things, I could not help, over the decades, but notice that confluence. What was a rare disorder in the ’50s and early ’60s became increasingly commomplace as the number of vaccines and their mixing together increased, again, no other demonstrable common denominator, despite big Pharma’s protests to the contrary.
    I leave it to the readers to decide what they choose to believe…

  2. Beware, their bioweapons release from sweat and other body fluids like urine.

    Once it gets in, you will get wires all over the body too.

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