USA: VAERS data shows 4800% increase in death notices after DeathVaxxination

For those who do not read French, this report contains charts and graphs in English showing VAERS data for those who had an adverse effect after taking one or more of the DeathVaxxes:

  • 4800 % increase in death notices in the VAERS database during 2021-2022 as compared to 1990-2020
  • 2876 % Increase in hospitalizations
  • 2050 % Increase in permanent disabilities.
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5 thoughts on “USA: VAERS data shows 4800% increase in death notices after DeathVaxxination”

  1. Celine Dion is also disabled by vaccine and the doctors report it at “rare statue disease.”

    There is really one field of doctors out there claiming rare diseases left and right. Probably bought by Pfizer.

  2. Wasn’t sure if you saw the round table discussion in Washington yesterday.. 1. It confirms everything you have previously stated in your personal message video (s).

    2. I have yet to see in all of my personal research, the collection and collaboration of a group of doctors and scientists together.

    3. I feel after viewing the video and listening to all hours of it, I am convinced beyond all doubt, in my heart and spirit too, that a plague is forthcoming.

    4. I am.with you. A plague is coming, and preparing both our mind body and spirit is the highest accord I should seek.

    And, thank you for your messages and the work you’re doing. May God bless you and give you strength and continued vision to create.

  3. What’s remarkable, is that those stats do only interest unpoisonned people. What are the reasons why?
    – to convince themselves ;-), or because poisonned ones have raised the arm so easily to get poisonned , because they don’t seek info (plural info!), or because of pride of themselves and “auto-centricity”: having made a mistake, even for their own safety (and human dignity), is unthinkably admissible! And social compliance is more important than their health. Plus, they are kind of fatalist (at the same time as of being materialist – paradox!)
    So many people around me have diverse but not so mild health problems, and justify them -always- by the lack of luck, the life fatality, their previous so-called excesses..
    And their excess trust in anybody bad and lack of trust on good people they know..(and I can remember one of your videos, Brother Bugnolo, on this topic, which I found very interesting).
    Or a mix of all of this.
    What is more, I can observe that their intellect is slowly failing. Lots of stupid things are said or done on a daily basis, and this also explains why they obviously won’t seek for those infos nor admit the figures and their own downgraded condition.

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