5 thoughts on “VATICAN: Bergoglio has de facto allowed the Violation of the Sacrament of Confession”

  1. This is all a mess. I am no saint and it is not for me to condemn anyone but I can only say this: I’ll go into the wilderness simply out of precaution. When the asteroid falls I want to be miles away from Rome. When Jesus sorts this out I beg Him to have pity on me, a sinner.

    I’m not about to trust my salvation to the motley crew now running the cattlick church. When the Catholic Church comes back I will be there, first in line seeking real absolution.

    Vivat Benedictus XVI.

    1. The safest place for when the asteroid comes, as St. Hilgegard of Binden says, will be at the antipode from Rome, if it is a big one. But even a little one is enough to flatten trees up to 120 miles away.

      1. It would be a blessed relief to be flattened by an astroid and delivered from this sink of inequity. — even if that catapulted me into Purgatory. At least I would have been “delivered from the evil [one]”.

  2. In opinion, Saint Hilgegard lived in the 12th century, he had no notion of the technology of the future, so not every vision is clear. This corroborates the view of Alois Irmaier, for example, when he reports “a pilot dropped something” or “I don’t know”… or “I don’t know if it was three months or days”, etc. However, the compatriot of the Benedictine mystique was from the last century.

  3. It is a warning not to go to confession with Bergoglian priests.
    It means you merit more sin and you being handed over to police in the near future.

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