As the Scamdemic was about to be launched, Our Lady Wept for Her Children

This took place in August of 2019 A. D..

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14 thoughts on “As the Scamdemic was about to be launched, Our Lady Wept for Her Children”

  1. This is the church (St. Simeon’s Melkite Catholic Church) I am a parishioner of! I go on Wednesday and Saturday nights! And guess what, dear brother? Our Lady wept again last night on the Feast Day of Her Immaculate Conception!! Glory to God!!
    I will be heading to the church tonight after work to pray, and then afterward, we will have the Divine Liturgy. Be sure that I will be praying for you!
    O Mary. conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

    1. Why did you not tell me of this miracle in 3 years! — The icon of St. Olga, which AJ has began to ooze myrrh also yesterday morning. I fear a great tragedy is about to befall mankind.

      1. I should’ve told you – my apologies that I didn’t.
        I can tell you that last night she was weeping more than the night before. Our Lady is, indeed, very sad. Yes, I agree with you, brother – something very, very terrible is about to befall mankind.
        Also, I think it’s reasonable to say that when she was weeping in August 2019, it was because she, of course, knew the “pandemic” was coming; she knew that these deadly injections would be shot-up in the arms of many, claiming many lives, destroying families, and so on.
        I did not think about this connection until you posted this video (providentially, the same day, she began weeping again!). And now, here we are, and she is weeping again. No doubt, as we have stated already, a great tragedy is about to befall mankind.
        Thank you for sharing that A.J.’s St. Olga icon is oozing myrrh. I shall share this information with others and ask for her intercessory prayers.

    1. Michelle, if the gushing increases into streams, how does your parish collect it? Thank you and please do share about it.

      1. They are collecting the oil in aluminum foil, then transferring it into glass bowls, and I think, containers.
        Blessed Advent!

  2. When Our Lady weeps, she weeps because her messages were ignored. This miraculous message was meant to inspire repentance ( 7 years of having Bergoglio in the church ).

    It means the disaster that comes is harrowing and souls are brought to Hell.

    1. Icons weep even in Orthodox Churches. The question of who is the pope is important, but it does not determine or prevent the work of God to remind them that there is a God and that the Saints care for them.

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