The Sutri Initiative: Why I support it

This Appeal is directed to every Catholic Influencer on Social Media who realizes that Bergoglio is destroying the Church

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Here is Br. Bugnolo’s Contribution, from Dec. 9. 2022:

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14 thoughts on “The Sutri Initiative: Why I support it”

  1. How does one bring a charge against the pope without a biased judge? If the pope has committed a formal act of heresy he ceases to be pope. At any trial someone is the judge, who would judge the Pope?

    1. A council does not need a judge. It is composed of hierarchy of the Rome Province and it would be convened according to canon law. So there are those already qualified to convene the council as defined in canon law. There is precedence from previous councils as to how to run it.

      1. Well, actually in a provincial council according to canons 440 ff., the Bishops of the province are the judges. They make all decisions by a public vote.

    2. One does not bring a charge against the pope. One needs only ask in Council Benedict XVI one question: Did you renounce the petrine munus? If he says yes, then it must be pointed out to him that NO, he did not, because no where did he ever say that. If he says, no, then the result is the same: the Council declares him still the Roman Pontiff and the Conclave of 2013 null a void. It will take 5 minutes, the Church will be restored.

      1. Do you think canon law applies in all circumstances? See the below info: Can. 1404 The First See is judged by no one.
        Can. 1405 §1 In the cases mentioned in can. 1401, the Roman Pontiff alone has the right to judge:
        1° Heads of State;
        2° Cardinals;
        3° Legates of the Apostolic See and, in penal cases, Bishops
        4° other cases which he has reserved to himself.
        §2 A judge cannot review an act or instrument which the Roman Pontiff has specifically ( confirmed, except by his prior mandate.
        §3 It is reserved to the Roman Rota to judge:
        1° Bishops in contentious cases, without prejudice to can. 1419 §2;
        2° the Abbot primate or the Abbot superior of a monastic congregation, and the supreme Moderator of a religious institute of pontifical right;
        3° dioceses and other ecclesiastical persons, physical or juridical, which have no Superior other than the Roman Pontiff.
        Can. 1406 §1 If the provisio
        n of can. 1404 is violated, the acts and decisions are invalid.

      2. You are quoting the wrong canon. A pope is never judged as pope. Here in the provincial council there is no judgement of any pope as pope. Only whether Benedict XVI renounced or not according to the norm of canon 332. Once it is determined that Bergoglio was never the pope, he can be excommunicated as a heretic, as the man who is a heretic.

  2. The problem with your theory is his “intentions”. Why didn’t he break the silence after his genius plan succeded? There must have been a way. Millions of catholic souls turn towards modernism, paganism. Why never warned them?

    1. No, whatever you think his intentions were, and whatever they are, that does not change the fact that in renouncing the ministerium, he did not renounce the magisterium, that is the petrine munus or papal office. He has been saying that he has not in every interview and communication he has given, see Cionci’s book, The Ratzinger Code. It is just that the MSM has been reporting an entirely different meaning to his words.

  3. I agree with you totally, the objective truth doesn’t depend on context, acceptance, intentions or consequence. But that is not my point. My point is that the “code”-explanation does refer to intentions. And his here supposed intentions are fully incongruous. Why not come out now (i.e. after the plan succeded, the “conclave” was held) and warn the catholics. Again: millions of souls turn to sinful heresy, unwarned. Avoiding what evil could on earth ever justify that?

    1. Well you are confusing your duty with curiosity about the intentions of your superior. If a Christian could withhold obedience to Jesus Christ because He has not yet come again, and demand to know first why He has not returned, before fulfilling his duties to Christ, then I suppose you could refuse to fulfill your duty to recognize the Pope, until you are satisfied you know enough about his intentions in renouncing the ministerium.

    2. “If there was no abdication, does another canonical situation arise? YES, the impeded see (canon 412) where the pope does not exercise his practical power because he is impeded, a prisoner, confined and not free to express himself.”

      “So did Pope Benedict formally imprison himself to defend the Church and the faith? YES. As admitted by card. Danneels in 2015, the Mafia of St. Gallen, a lobby of modernist cardinals enemies to him, wanted to make him abdicate and, as described by Paolo Flores d’Arcais in 2010, he was against all the globalist powers of the world. So he had to be out of the way.”

      “So does Benedict use some kind of veiled language? YES. We have called it, for convenience, the “Ratzinger Code” and it has been analyzed and certified by various scholars, linguists, jurists, psychologists, writers, historians, Latinists.”

      “But can’t Benedict speak more clearly? NO. He is in an impeded seat, a situation in which he is not free to express himself, so he uses the same language of Jesus to make understand only to those who “have ears to hear”.”

      “So is Pope Benedict purifying the Church? YES. With his sacrifice, which legally annihilates the usurper, he has already schismed the heretics and modernists.”

      The Ratzinger Code is, in essence, the “Code of Jesus”: Benedict XVI communicates like Christ with his accusers.

  4. Italian scientists have discovered a new form of energy that is clean an abundant. That spells ruin for Russia and the countries of the Gulf. There you have the reason for Russia to fulfill the prophecies. They will be the punishers of the usurper. JMB does not know it but he has stolen a live grenade.

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