These days one really has to question the sincerity of the Fatima Center

6 thoughts on “These days one really has to question the sincerity of the Fatima Center”

  1. “The Holy Father will have much to suffer.” Count on Our Lady’s prophetic word. If I look at ‘the two popes’ I see one suffering and the other having a ball, a wrecking ball applied to everything in the Church.

    They will rationalize this in all sorts of ways but the truth is one and it will emerge eventually for all to see.

    Vivat Benedictus XVI, Papam.

  2. Didn’t The Fatima Centre (or one of them: usa/canada) accept a donation of a million dollars or so a number of years ago from a particular ‘catholic’ family on proviso they changed tack on who the pope was. This was obviously after Fr. Gruner’s time, R.I.P., and there was subsequently a changeover in who called the shots there with the most faithful leaving?
    If memory serves me right.

    1. That is what Barnhardt claimed, then Ferrara denied and threatened a lawsuit, but I do not think Barnhardt took down her claim, and I never heard of a lawsuit. That is all I know.

  3. Did the Holy Spirit choose the successor to Pope Benedict XVI?
    If I recall it is God that chooses the Pope.

    In the vision of Don Bosco, after Pope is hit by arrow in the heart, another (bishop?) will raise the Cross of Victory.

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