6 thoughts on “Eric Bolling gives Tucker Carlson a merited rebuke”

  1. In times of war, propaganda flourishes, even on the side of “the good guys.” Tucker should definitely have dug deeper before assessing those situations. (But who draws the line on the free exercise of religion? How much tyranny has been justified in the name of “security” and “safety”?)

    As much as I feel for the Ukrainian people and what they are enduring, government is an entirely different matter (true in most countries today, where government is becoming the biggest enemy of its own people). This war has brought home the truth of the saying that the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian government haven’t become “good guys” because of the actions of worse guys.

    1. the churches taken by the Russian Orthodox in Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine, are known FSB spying centers & the Ukrainian Security Service in the raids found weapons, documents showing the Russian Orthodox monks were also spies. Also, they might have helped in calling in missile strikes on Ukrainian citizens.

      Those churches will now be used by the Ukrainian Orthodox, under the Patriarch Of Kyiv.

      1. AJ

        When you have time I think it would be helpful for those affected by Russian propaganda that you make a video about Zelensky and whether he is a WEF asset or not. I have not seen evidence of this.

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