VATICAN: “Christmas display” this year is full of esoteric symbols

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4 thoughts on “VATICAN: “Christmas display” this year is full of esoteric symbols”

  1. Cionci errs greatly by descending to the level of the apostates, if only in ill-judged humor, when he wishes us a “happy anti-Christmas”.

  2. 👀👎🏻The more we see this Bergoglio do, the more we are to offer Jesus, Mary and Joseph our tears in union with theirs in offering for mercy. Time for penance, fasting and prayers. How can our Lord not perpetuate JUSTICE upon the Earth for all the evil his people now choose instead of him. 😢😢😢🙏🏻 Whatever Fr. Chad Ripperger reports concerning the evil growing in strength and duration for those afflicted with demonization/possession; it certainly appears it DOES HAVE MUCH TO DO WITH THE CHURCH. Never imagined the evil now inundating the Roman Catholic Church to exist and there is less and less now sacred. Even the Nativity Scene at the Vatican?

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