15 thoughts on “Catholic Bishops opposed to Benedict XVI, rush to defend Freemason Bolsonaro”

  1. At what level of Fremasons is Bolsonaro? If he’s not at least 30th degree or above, it’s unlikely he really knows what it is he has joined, or even suspects the levels of depravity and evil asdociated therein. I know “ignorance” is no excuse before the law, but when an organization is as steeped in secrecy as that one has long been, it’s not easy to know what they are truly up to, before one is initiated to the higher levels. If he does know, then he has no excuse, of course. It is a question that warrants knowing before he’s condemned, however.

    1. You got to be kidding. He has done public videos from inside the masonic lodge inviting Protestants in Brazil to join the Lodge as the true home of the Light and to obtain true Illumination. He is 33rd degree without a doubt. He is their chief international Apostle.

      1. I hadn’t seen those, so did not know his level. That being the case, however, then yes, he knows and is a willing participant in spreading that evil. So, unfortunately, were at least2, probably more, of our Founding Fathers; two of our first three Presidents, in fact: Washington (who dedicated our White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court buildings according to Masonic rituals), and Jefferson.

    2. Wow! With all the knowledge today, if you are a freemason it does not matter which degree you are, you are a Freemason. As far as the church is concerned, you are excommunicated, specially if you have expressed it in public. It is like a woman cannot be half pregnant.

    3. Not so. From my reading the “naive” belief that the “great architect” can be the Christian God is rapidly left behind in the first three degrees of the blue lodge. By around the ninth degree the Kabbalist nature of the demon they follow is clear and elevation beyond that point entails great demonic entanglement. By degree twenty one we reach the grades of those who will judge according to the Noahide Law, if we are fated by our choices to permit such an abominable insanity to come to fruition.

  2. In all fairness…De Silva is worse. It’s as the Rothschild’s and their Top Level Associate Mob plans…All the choices for positions of power are the SAME. All the options BELONG TO THE ELITES AS PART OF THE EVIL HYDRA. Short of a conventional war of the population destroying everything civilized, what’s the option, Brother?

  3. I know Opus Angelorum is the cradle of bishop Schneider, which is a red-tagged cult and most likely a freemason group.

    However, Cardinal Burke has no affiliations with them until this. It is best to suspect Cardinal Burke is a freemason too, like Bergoglio.

    The fruits of Freemasonry in Vatican hierarchy has been showing for the world to see. The laity must demand their Catholic bishops to act like one and BE the ordained Catholic minister they vowed before Jesus or else turn their backs on them.

  4. Ok. So I saw a video of him giving a speach in masonic temple. Either he is ignorant of masonry or he is one of them. How do we know? Sorry Brother but I don’t know much about Freemasonry to conclude as you do.

  5. I know Brazil well. The country is rife with esoteric cults, spiritism, animism, you name it! Lula Da Silva has participated in candomblé ceremonies –repeatedly and in public– look it up.

    A country steeped in ignorance and immorality (see Carnaval, Rio) had the option to pick a masonic president or a candomblé animist president. The elections made no sense and the animist won. So much for the occult power of the masonic lodges. They were defeated by the guys that slaughter white chickens at midnight.

    Take a step back and look at the whole picture: the WEF is trying to have a civil war in one of the largest economies in the West, a country with a powerful army, and also the largest Catholic country in the world. It is A versus B to have everything destroyed. It is all a sham. Lula and Bolsonaro will set up the conditions to destroy the Brazilian economy. That is all. Think about it and see how similar it is to the Ukrainian situation.

    1. I see, it must be hard to find a priests renouncing Bergoglio’s heresy there.

      If you can find one or at least find a canceled priest under Bergoglio’s regime and take him into your home. He might be in need of shelter as I saw what happend to the religious kicked out of their convents – they lived on the streets begging.

  6. Luís Inácio Lula da Silva was not elected by chance. For the whole system is focused on the interest of the world’s dominators (You see this below).


    What happens in Brazil happens now in everyone too. Divide in order to dominate. In this way, they want a popular dissatisfaction, because they themselves implant chaos and they have shown the solution.

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