Dr. Liz Yore, crusader against Child abuse, speaks against Globalist Sex Racket

Editor’s Note: It should not surprise anyone that the Pedophiles in the Church are running a child sex trafficking racket. I never believed their depravity would go so far, until one day, I saw here in Italy a priest escort a minor out of his residence and immediately some car from out of town came and picked up the boy. I observed repeats of this behavior on a regular basis and denounced the priest to the State Police and his Bishop. These sickos have a child sharing network and they catch vulnerable youth during confession and then pass them on to handlers. One must suppose that there is money being exchanged also. The push to turn children into prostitutes or change their gender from pre-puberty is merely the social explosion of the mainstreaming of this perversion. Let’s not even talk about incest, which is rife not only in Utah but also in Wisconsin in the USA, where children are raped by their own parents or uncles & aunts!

For more about Liz Yore’s work, see her website:

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Liz Yore, crusader against Child abuse, speaks against Globalist Sex Racket”

  1. I can absolutely assure you it is not confined to those two states in the US! Other members of my extended family and I were incestuously abused in MO, NY, TX, IA, and perhaps other states. That was decades ago, indeed in one case going back a century now, I suspect. Evil people have been attacking children a very long time, and hiding in public as pillars of the community, even churches, while doing it…

      1. Thank-you. As I said, that was many decades ago. I had the help to recover, and now use it to help other victims, and speak out against it so more children are not subjected to it, and get help to recover, although in the US efforts are being made to deny victims that help to recover now.

  2. Brother Bugnola , please read.
    Dr Malone an alleged truth teller is suing good people like the Breggins and Dr Jane Ruby.
    Suing then because they used their freedom of speech to question his motives and because he has his own DNA altering shot to market?
    Relcovax contains DNA which Robert Malone calls by it’s stealth name, CpG, which is designed to turn on genes in the body that cause inflammation. Please see the following PROOF:
    Malone’s presentation on Relcovax:

    Evil now seems to abound everywhere.
    This document was read to the PA Grand Jury during the PA investigation of sexually abusive priests.
    The mother of the two victims in this case found out others were targeted and abused, aside from just her children.
    I was personally privy to a case at a school where i was employed , where the mother of an eight yr. old married a homosexual who made good money. The child was exposed to all kinds of filthy videos and acted out on other children in and after school. I was also told of a child abused at a boy scout camp who later acted out on little children whose parents were friends of the family.
    Child abuse, like a disease, spreads to other families.
    This is a horror and now parents laugh while their children are being exposed to perverse sexuality by males who dress and act as physically exaggerated females.
    Yes , now we must “Honor” the perverse.

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