What Pope Benedict XVI did was to protect the Church from Her greatest Enemy

Commentary and Narrative Analysis by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have been saying that Pope Benedict XVI did what he did to save the Church from Freemasonry, since January 2020, when, after receiving a personal phone call from Archbishop Gänswein, I launched FromRome.Info with this article: Pope Benedict’s End Game.

The notion of a Great Catholic Reset, which I coined to explain this End Game, was then popularized by Andrea Cionci and adopted rhetorically, but not substantially, by Archbishop Viganò. Leaves are being plucked off that tree for personal use and gain, by those who still are being criticized by Sinclair.

As can be seen in recent tweets, Maike Hickson and Padre Pellegirino are remembering that LifeSite spoke about this 4 months later (in the above article), omitting essential parts of the entire story, so it could be repackaged to sustain the “Bergoglio is the Pope but he is a Freemason” narrative being used to ideologically destroy the Catholic Church by “conservatives”.  For, the chief Masonic trick is to take up an denatured form of true Catholic ideals and analysis and repackage it to maintain narrative control but undermine true opposition.

The very detailed level of ideological control in recrafting narratives can be seen in the above article at LifeSite. The position of Benedict XVI is ascribed deliberately to him as a Cardinal, not as a Pope, to prevent any psychological sensitivity to what he did as Pope! The story is repeated by Hickson as a historical revisionist play, to shift the merit of its discovery from a website in favor of Pope Benedict to one in favor of Bergoglio.  (Hickson, who is married to a retired US Military Intelligence Officer, writes for only pro-Bergoglian sites, see reports here; and she gets this idea at repackaging from Padre Pellegrino – aka Fr. Nix — who was the first ordained FOCUS missionary priest.)

Hickson cites in her tweet Robert Moynihan, who is the Yale University (home of Skull and Bones Lodge) expert on the Vatican. Yet in all of nearly 10 years he has not figured out what Benedict XVI did on Feb. 11, 2013, even though it has been widely discussed in Catholic circles. Moynihan’s cited article was written 3 months after the report by FromRome.Info. — One wonders what caused him to remember something he had not reported for nearly 15 years…..

Maybe now you can see the bigger picture how every actor in this narrative manipulation is serving the Globalist purpose. And how right Upton Sinclair was and is.

And it is not some conspiracy theory that Catholic Media are involved in a ruling council which controls the narrative fed to Catholics, as FromRome.info has reported about this before, here. Participants in that council include graduates from the CIA-founded Christendom College and those who got a push to their careers in Gladio supported organizations.

Finally, the articles cited in this present article can be found on FromRome.Info’s search engine, but not so easily on Google. which has begun to remove FromRome.Info articles from its search results.

I have written the above analysis, to show, that if a journal sticks with the historical truth regarding Benedict XVI being and remaining the pope, it will always be decades, years, months ahead of what the media, that your are told to read at your parishes, reports.

That is why a lot of folks hate FromRome.Info, as can be seen here from a recent tweet:

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9 thoughts on “What Pope Benedict XVI did was to protect the Church from Her greatest Enemy”

  1. Love ya, Br. Bugnolo. Hang in there. Ya got ’em in the corner. Keep the arms and fists up in front of yourself as they’re swinging and it’s only going to get worse.

  2. Pontificatormax. Mmm … Another wannabe pope. There is not ONE of those lay commentators that is not maleficent towards someone they do not agree with. Top of the list for CM and his Bore-tex the chief venom spewer. Where in the Gospel is the instruction to go around condemning people to social ostracism?

    Keep up the good work! Sempre avanti, Fra Bugnolo!

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  4. If they attack you is because you are telling the truth. God bless and may Our Lady, the Virgin Mary protect you.

  5. For what it’s worth, I have personal experience that concurs with Br. Bugnolo concerning “The Limited Hangout”** strategy that is used by Catholic Media to manipulate the narrative as well as the bad action of some of the actors who are involved.

    In the summer of 2018 via a comment thread at Louis Verrechio’s blog, Aka Catholic, I made contact with Fr. Robert Belland asking him to send me his own “Benedict is Pope” thesis by email. (NB Fr. Belland had been working on his thesis since 2013 not long after February 11th).

    For transparency’s sake, after a month or so of proof reading the thesis, I became aware of FromRome.info; however, within the same month I made contact with Dr. Maike Hickson via her email contact info at LifeSiteNewa in order to communicate with her husband, the former CIA intelligence officer and one of the founding faculty members at Christendom College.

    Not knowing Latin myself, I was looking for clarification of grammatical and syntactical points in Fr. Belland’s thesis. Being familiar with Seton Home Study curriculum that is connected to Christendom College, I thought that Dr. Robert Hickson might have connections to a reputable Latinist; so I explained my quandary to Dr. Maike Hickson via email. She graciously gave me her husband’s phone number.

    In August 2018 we set up a time to speak and for almost an hour I spoke (or more precisely I attempted to speak) with him about my quest. Frankly, it was a most difficult conversation since Dr. Robert seemed disconnected from the information and questions with which I tried to present him and seemed only to want to talk about his history in the CIA, his past life in Rome, as well as his rude ousting as a faculty member at Christendom, which he perceived to be absolutely unjust and a “set up”. Perhaps it was
    ( http://radtradthomist.chojnowski.me/2017/11/breaking-news-dr-robert-hicksons-full.html ).

    Anyway, seeing that I was getting nowhere in being able to clarify my questions about finding a Latinist with Dr. Hickson, I again contacted Maike by email in order to see if she might have more success putting my desire to contact a Latinist to her husband. BIG mistake.

    Rather than a reply to my email from Maike, I unexpectedly received an email from Dr. Robert accusing me of “going behind his back” and other seemingly paranoid-type accusations regarding interfering with the headship of his family by contacting his wife without his permission. Needless to say, he did not direct me to or connect me with a Latinist. Oh, well.

    By the grace of God soon after that odd and very odd episode, I connected with Br Bugnolo and FromRome.info. PRAISE GOD!

    On October 30, 2018 not knowing of the impeded see, Canon 435, and The Ratzinger Code, my husband and I traveled to Centennial, Colorado in order to hand deliver Br. Bugnolo’s Quaestio Disputata and portions of Fr. Belland’s thesis to Cardinal Raymond Burke. The Cardinal directed me to give the envelope to his assistant, which I did.

    As history has shown, the Cardinal, for whatever reasons, did nothing publicly with the information. In fact only a week later he publicly doubled down in an interview saying that there was nothing canonical that we could do if we had a heretic for a pope. WHAT?!

    Thinking that we were all on the same “Benedict is Pope” page at that time, I was equally surprised and dismayed by Miss Anne Barnhardt’s email response to me after I informed her of the sources of information regarding PPBXVI’s non-renunciation that my husband and I chose to deliver to the Cardinal on that icy, snowy October day.

    None of the information came from her slant of “Benedict is the worst pope EVER” because that slant has never set truthfully or peacefully for me and I told her as much. I also told her that with that tack she was only fomenting division within the ranks of Catholics who needed to band together and support our one and only Holy Father.

    Moreover in her email reply, she bemoaned the ‘fact’ that all Br Alexis was known for in Rome at that time was being a pest to the bishops as well as his “crazy way of screaming into the Twitter void”. It wasn’t long after this email exchange with her that Mr. Mark Docherty stopped allowing links to or mention of FromRome.info on his Non Veni Pacem blogsite.

    This is my little piece of personal experience that I think corroborates Br. Bugnolo and AJ’s excellent analysis of CIA/Freemasonic infiltration in the media and everywhere.

    **An excellent and less than 2 minute explanation of “The Limited Hangout” strategy is discussed by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai at about 22:40-24:20 in regards to the ongoing Globalist Governance Twitter fraud of Elon Musk. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxYqUFMsQSM)

    1. Many thanks for these interesting details of your “personal experience”.

      I have just watched that clear explanation of “The Limited Hangout” strategy – this has all the hallmarks of the perennial strategy of the enemy:-
      Deception, which creates
      Division & Disunity, which creates
      Distraction & Diversion, which creates
      Discouragement & Disillusionment, which is the most dangerous threat to the spiritual life.
      Discouragement = Acedia = Intimidation/Laziness/Sloth.

      The entire ‘scamdemic’ is built upon that strategy!

      Pax tecum.

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