Meanwhile, controlled opposition media tried to find something else worthy of importance to report about at Rome, and it’s laughable…

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6 thoughts on “INTERNATIONAL RALLY FOR POPE BENEDICT XVI — Italian Coverage”

  1. Brother Alexis thank you for streaming this wonderful event. After making a spiritual communion during the Mass the pain from my arthritis vanished after several years. Thanks and praise to the Lord!

    1. Have the doctor check and confirm as well.
      This should prove that the Holy Spirit is in the group that is obeying Pope Benedict XVI.

      It will also serve as a final warning for those going to Mass in communion with the antipope Bergoglio.

      1. The doctors here are keen on the deathshot and were well paid, for each one of their patients who got it. Where I live I had a good view of the vax centre and all the ambulance activity. Consequently, I am not keen on visiting the doctor.

        Personally, it is an encouraging sign the pain went at that time. I hope therefore that at least each Sunday some of the priests in communion with Benedict will live stream the Mass. Br. Alexis could you help us who are scattered about the world in this? Perhaps a prominent link to Masses that you know of on your website in the header section?

      2. Radio Domina Nostra, on youtube, has live streaming Mass in communion with Pope Benedict every day of the year…

  2. Beautiful movement of the Holy Spirit present in this rally. Moving message by Slovakian priest that Pope Benedict is leading the Church through the passion and crucifixion of our Lord. Thank you Brother Bugnolo for your vital work of shining light in the darkness.

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