MSM of all kinds ignored one of the most important Events in a 1000 years at Rome, last Sunday

by Andrea Cionci

Authorized English Translation of his article at Libero, above

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6 thoughts on “MSM of all kinds ignored one of the most important Events in a 1000 years at Rome, last Sunday”

  1. The text for your English translation isn’t showing up for Chrome browser. It’s there for two other browsers (Edge, Firefox). It appears for Chrome only if using an incognito window.

    For the past two weeks, the subtitles feature for YouTube hasn’t been working to translate videos into English. Every language can be translated except English. This is the case for different browsers, different devices, using a proxy server and VPN. Starting to wonder about more and more censorship.

  2. Constantly AMAZED with your reporting and footnoting of historical information. Would be utterly fascinating to adventure through Europe with you as the ‘Tour Director’ and Scholar. The info about Bergoglio doesn’t shock any longer in any way. It simply grows more and more painful as sin generally does. God must weep at the folly of the Church and it’s a mystery at how the Earth still remains.

    1. God already knew the Mystery of Iniquity will happen and thus have instructed the saints to write it down for us to listen and read.

      It is now up to us according to the amount of love we have for The Triune God and neighbor to take action. Lest we fall and be in Hell FOREVER.

  3. I watched the entire ‘rally’ and was greatly inspired by the devotion, love and camaraderie amongst all present who wished to proclaim to the Church and the world that THE POPE IS BENEDICT XVI.

    So, I have shared this posting to my FB page and a few Catholic FB groups, with more to follow…….after which I will summarize the initial responses received!

    “Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle…….etc.”

  4. It’s not often I say this, but at times like this, i’m glad the enemies of Christ will burn in Hell. Even so, I would prefer they repent.

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