In Concert with Dr. de Mattei, Sedevacantists attack Pope Benedict XVI

Editor’s Note: I publish this video, which was aired just 7 hours ago, to show only that the “Bergoglio is definitely the pope” Traditionalists like De Mattei are now acting in unison with the Sedevacantists in attacking Pope  Benedict XVI. — That’s all you need to know to understand what is really going on.

The voice in the above video is so theatrically dramatic, that you can understand a lot by means of it, about those who hold to the thesis of sedevacantism.

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7 thoughts on “In Concert with Dr. de Mattei, Sedevacantists attack Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. My take on it. I used to respect De Mattei. I now strongly suspect he is an enemy in disguise.

    To hades with everyone. I will remain at home, pray the Rosary and read the good books I have until Jesus comes and sorts this out.

    I am not going to waste my time and mental energy in byzantine questions in which high doctors disagree among themselves. I refuse to put my faith in one side or the other. They are all wrong by definition.

    Good bye, Catholic Church. Hello catacombs.

    1. Unlike today’s self-proclaimed experts, the Doctors of the Church are quite clear and precise in their teaching. Take the opportunity to pick up St. Alphonsus, St. Bonaventure, and St. Irenaeus of Lyons while you’re engaged in study.

  2. I listened to a podcast on Novus Ordo Watch recently and the arrogance in the tone of the speaker and in some of the articles was repellant. Where is the tone of welcome and humility that an authentic follower of Christ would display? Pride and hubris appeared more abundant than the saintly virtues unfortunately.

  3. Thanks for sharing!
    How very “convenient” that the deceived souls who produced this absurd & laughable video completely ignore the current Code of Canon Law whilst perpetrating their false ideolgy!!

    By coincidence I have just been having an exchange of comments with one of the admin/moderators on the USA-based “Caritas in Veritate” FB group who is a manifest sedevacantist, as she disliked my sharing of one of the posts relating to the Benedict XVI rally…….and, within my various responses, I have shared the OMCRadioTV programme from early October on “What is Sedevacantism and why it is dangerous?”…….and her response to that was “the link is broken”!
    It seems that, once you reject the Truth, you will conjure up all manner of lies & falsehoods to try and maintain your own apostasy/schism/lukewarmness etc.!!

    Pax vobiscum.

    1. A further exchange of comments on the FB group mentioned above reveals that the sedevacantist commenter is just a member not an admin/moderator – and she is deeply entrenched in her ‘position’ despite now being able to access the OMCRadioTV programme which she describes as “one of the craziest I have come across, built on false premises, making false assumptions as conclusions.”

      It is indeed sad when such blinkered & deceived souls obstinately refuse to try and see the spiritual dangers they are in, and the reality of the current papal scenario.


  4. Yes, it would be fair to say B16 taught that V2 must be taught in continuity with Tradition and not in accord with the Masonic interpretation of the “spirit of the council” as Time Life Magazines promoted. But the reason why all these attack B16 is because he stood against sexual predation in the Church. Because those of us who know there are grave problems in the clergy and in Vatican II and in Vatican II’s implementation, have no personal animus against Pope Benedict XVI being the pope, even if we might disagree with his style of theology or manner of speaking.

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