The Buffoonery of a Patriarch

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Following the historic gathering of Catholic Faithful at Rome, on Sunday, the Bergoglian Schismatics are rushing to keep the Catholic Faithful inside their controlled sheep-pens, lest they learn the truth that Benedict XVI never abdicated and that Bergoglio was never the Pope. This is necessary to their agenda of stealing the Flock of Jesus Christ and handing it over to the robber baron, child-raping, sexually and psychologically abusive Mafia of St. Gallen which has taken over the Vatican and is now disassembling the Church of Christ.

In specific, I speak of the Patriarch of Venice, that is, Francesco Moraglia, ordained a priest by Cardinal Siri and elevated to Patriarch by Pope Benedict XVI.

But from his recent decree, one would not know this, as it is an exercise in the greatest hypocrisy.

The decree of the Patriarch at first sight shows itself to be obsessed with repetition, since it keeps repeating the alleged crimes of Don Alessando Minutella and Friar Celestino.

The object of the letter is obviously to terrorize the faithful. The Patriarch makes a point to emphasize that no welcome should be made of either men in the territory of the Archdiocese.

The public statement, however, contains some serious canonical errors, which make it a dead letter on arrival.

First of which is that the Patriarch claims he is acting for the spiritual good of the Faithful, but he does so without any explanation. He obviously admits mentioning that Don Minutella and Father Celestino are simply giving their testimony in accord with Canon 212 and acting in accord with canon 209, on the basis of their rights granted in canons 40 and 41, to cease from positing an act which has not yet been authorized by their superior, namely, of naming another as the Pope.

This deception destroys all claim to be acting on the basis of the spiritual welfare of his flock. And thus, since canon 145 says that ecclesiastical offices are such only when they are directed to a spiritual end, he has by this deception acted with malice of aforethought.

He also attempts to constrain everyone in the Patriarch to violate Christian charity by publishing some of the worse calumnies possible against these two men, claiming that their actions might lead the faithful outside of the communion of the Church. Obviously, Patriarch Francesco has redefined the Church: for him, he is pope who has control of the Vatican, not he who has the petrine munus.

Moreover, each of the major points of his decree can be faulted, on objective grounds:

  • the first, because if Minutella is excommunicate, since this penalty is no longer divided into minor or major, Minutella should no longer be considered a member of the Church, therefore, he cannot be subject to punishment nor be constrained in his religious activities, because that would violate the Italian Constitution which guarantees freedom of worship for Christians in Italy.
  • the second, because the public exercise of ministry according to the norm of Canon Law regards the celebration of the Sacraments or priestly ministry on Church property, outside of which, in private places, a priest always has the right to exercise a ministry, especially in those cases where there is no local clergy, or where the faithful have no access to the Sacraments in union with the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, as is the case in many places today.
  • the third, because the Patriarch cannot cite one canon to prohibit Father Celestino from hearing confessions, and omit citing canon 332 or any other by which the same Celestino is justified in acting, because Canon Law is not a cherry tree which you can pick and chose canons to your liking. Thus, by doing so, the Patriarch shows himself to be contumacious and in rebellion to the Apostolic See, a formal schismatic, and thus deposed ipso facto from his offices, or at least, without any right to use his authority to oppose the promotion of communion with the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. Nor can he plead ignorance, since as Patriarch he is bound more gravely than any bishop to maintain communion with the true Roman Pontiff.
  • the fourth, because in prohibiting every institution and person in the Patriarchate of giving the use of any place to Don Alessandro MInutella and Father Celestino, he failed to specify whether his precept was conjunctive or disjunctive, and thus, since every prohibition must be understood strictly, it could only apply to the grant of a place to both conjointly, such that if only one were present, the grant could be made.
  • the fifth and sixth, because if the Patriarch was sincere, he would have read canon 332.2 instead of exhorting the faithful to practice faith and charity and remain in communion with the Holy Father, whom the Patriarch does not even have the courage to name. By what motive then, can he punish two priests for naming a pope, when he does not even have the integrity to name any pope?

Thus we see a perfect harmony, once again, between De. De Matei, the Sedevacantists and all those who hate Pope Benedict XVI for having reduced to the lay state more sexual predators than any other pope in history.

The rebellion of sodomites and heretics against Christ is now at the height of its audacity, in that they are writing letters which attempt to use the full power of the Catholic Church to do the exact opposite things that power was instituted by Christ to accomplish.

But God will not be mocked! And it is clear that, a woeful judgement awaits them all.

Moreover, the Catholic Faithful are not idiots. Mere threats will not convince those with living faith to abandon the Faith and Communion which alone can save. Threats only open the eyes of the Faithful and get them to start investigating the claims made. Clerics like the Patriarch of Venice are thus promoting indirectly the growth of the knowledge of the truth, which one day be the cause of their everlasting shame or, as it is hoped, their final penitence.

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2 thoughts on “The Buffoonery of a Patriarch”

  1. They continue to forget they’re human and can DIE. Somebody with a real bone to pick that they’ve wronged…And, there are countless victims; is going to get done listening to the detritus and will take matters into personal hands.

  2. Stand firm, remain steadfast in your faith until the Day of the Lord.

    “Who are those multitudes wearing white waving palms and praising God? ….
    They are the ones who were washed clean by the Blood of the Lamb”
    = recollections from the Book of Revelations

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