DeathVaxxes may contain technology which can kill on electronic trigger

Editor’s Note: I do not endorse and in fact discourage any investment in gold or the use of supplements, as the advertisements in this program indicate.

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9 thoughts on “DeathVaxxes may contain technology which can kill on electronic trigger”

    1. Because gold prices are falling and will fall further as Russia and China are squeezed to purchase things with gold.

      1. Brother Alexis, what do you recommend as an investment? I got crushed in the stock market this year and put my funds in a Gold/Silver IRA. What about Gift Annuities provided by some Religious Orders? I’m 65 years old.

      2. I told everyone to get out of the Stock Market in August of 2021, but few listened to me. I do not recommend annuities because that ties up your money in the hands of someone else. If they launch another pandemic you need to have your assets in cash, silver, and very little in electronic form. Have a vehicle which can travel long distances without breaking down on all kinds of roads, and invest in your health by eating well and doing some exercise so you can over come all trials to come. But first of all get right with Our Lord and keep a daily prayer life, faithfully avoiding all sin and error. Prepare a get away kit with clothing for various seasons, and travel necessities, medical kit, and passport. Prepare yourself mentally to let go of everything necessary to avoid being DeathVaxxed or trapped in a sanitary dictatorship.

  1. I agree. Do not invest in Gold.
    I can’t believe there are so many stupid people that are still brainwashed to get the jab!

    I never masked! I’m in NY! Ha! ( Long Island).

    To think I ” served my country” USAF…the corporation! I regret it. We had no idea.

    1. TV is the reason why people still accept vaccinations.

      Faucci has already washed his hands of the victims by claiming “he did not remember.”

      The TV is a propaganda machine and that is the reason why Padre Pio told his spiritual child to throw it out.

    2. Buy real gold, not invest. In the end China and Russia will buy them back once the digital currency ( one-world currency ) is in effect.

      Identifying SIM with a person should not have been in effect because it became the force to drive the one world currency.

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