13 thoughts on “Gates & WEF Planning for Catastrophic Contagion next year?”

  1. Recall that Mike Pompeo said in a Covid press conference, ” we are in a live exercise…”.

    That live exercise has provided them with a ton of data. That data has now been analyzed and will be used to make adjustments in the next “live exercise”, to achieve improved results.

  2. We know who, what, when, where, why and how concerning the current ‘Anti-Human CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY’ movement. Time to go after these TERRIFIED SELFISH NUT JOBS, indict, try and PUNISH TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. Since they play DIRTY…TIME TO TAKE OFF THE GLOVES AND GET INTO THE ‘GO-ROUTINE’ TO GET A FEW JUMPS AHEAD.

  3. Interesting. I heard from another source actually more than a year ago that the new globally spread virus they will release will be massively deadly. However, it will mainly affect those who have been vaccinated.
    We will see if it comes true.
    God bless

    1. Actually, that is quite likely; part of ingredients in those jabs, to enable the spikes to set up shop, is an immunosuppressant, and it, along with all the other ingredients, has been being increased, so the more jabs taken, the greater the level of suppression, in many cases to the point the immune system is completely destroyed.

  4. Since contagion doesn’t happen (at least hasn’t been proved to happen) they can’t plan such a thing. But they could certainly plan another scamdemic based on normal sicknesses we are all prone to.

      1. I’m sure they could poison us all. I’m only saying they can’t make us contagious with a virus

  5. There’s a humongous fungus among us! we used to scream while in High School and it was good clean fun. Not any more. Billy Gatez and the Davos Gang have taken over the school. Fun has been abolished.

  6. In the 1980s of the last century, the paranoid narrative of “HIV” was created as a kind of laboratory to create panic in order to achieve total control, something created by global rulers, through the charlatan and puppet known as “Doctor” Fauci . Thus, it is clear that neither science nor medicine today has the truth as an end. Worse, even today we give credit and consume to “φαρμακεία”, the pharmacy.


    1. I see, so HIV is false, and rather it is their “trial innoculations” in Africa that caused the disease to kill off an entire race.

      What is more, those “trial innoculations” are transmittable diseases by blood and by fluids.

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